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Food Wars – BBQ

Travel Channel’s new kid on the block Food Wars decided to head over to Lockhart, Texas for a battle over two of their famous joints: Kreuz Market and Smitty’s Market . All I can say is this episode made me extremely hungry and ready to book a flight tomorrow for Texas.

Here’s the piece on Kreuz Market:

…and here’s a link to the bit on Smitty’s Market: BBQ

Since I’ve never been lucky enough to hit either spot, so I can’t give an opinion…yet, but I do know that you can get Kreuz shipped to your house via their store. That’ll be happening in the near future so I can at least weigh in on the subject. If you were wondering, Smitty’s slightly beat out Kreuz, but many believe Black’s BBQ, also in Lockhart, should have been a contender too.

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