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As many of you already know, my smoker was ‘taken’ from my backyard many months ago. It was a 22″ Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker™ Smoker. I enjoyed having it (while I had it) and smoked many a pork shoulder, brisket, and on occasion some baby back ribs. It did require a lot of baby sitting to keep the temperature perfect, but after a few weeks, I had my schedule down where I could really do a good job with it.

So now I’m on a quest for a new smoker. I’ve been recommended the following and would love some advice and feedback on other smokers:

Traeger Pellet Grills
Smokey Mountain Grills
The Big Green Egg
The Stump’s ‘Baby’ Smoker

I’ll keep adding to the list as people recommend additional smokers and once I’ve made a selection I’ll post of photo as well as photos of the finished product it produces.

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