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Myron Mixon

To say Myron Mixon is the star of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters in an understatement. He’s the alpha dog, the catalyst, the instigator, and basically the Empire to the rest of TLC’s BBQ Pitmaster’s Rebel Alliance. In short, he makes you want to see what he’ll do and most importantly, say, next.

He’s arrogant as anyone you’ll come across, but he’s got the bbq skills and awards to back it up. Here’s his award list from his site:
3 Time World Champion
2009 BBQ Team of the Year Points Champion
2009 Jack Daniel’s World BBQ Invitational Reserve Grand Champion
Over 180 Grand Championships
2007 Mississippi State Grand Champion
1st Chicken, 1st Pork, 3rd Brisket, Kennesaw, GA
1st Hog, 1st Shoulder, 1st Rib, Princeton, NJ
2007, 2003, 2002, 1999 BBQ Team Of The Year Points Champion
2004, 2001 BBQ Team Of The Year Points Champion May World Champion
2006, 2005, 1998, 1997 The Big Pig Jig Grand Champion
1996 1st Hog, 1st Rib & 3rd Shoulder

So he’s won the competitions and jaw-battled with the best of them, but in essense he’s a bona fide celebrity:

Granted he’s with fellow TLC’er, but it’s not often you see a bbq pitmaster on TMZ’s website.

You hate to think that BBQ needs a villain, but in the end, he’s not so much a villain as he is an anti-hero.

Here’s a link to some great gear here’s selling:
Here’s a link to his cooking school which is at his house.

And if you’ve got a little time to spare, give a listen to his interview with Greg Rempe on the BBQ Central Radio Show.

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