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Baxter’s Original Smoking Wood

It’s probably a little crazy to get excited when you receive a box of smoking wood, but that’s exactly my reaction when I saw this on my doorstep:

The stenciled name spray painted across the box was the first indication that I was dealing with a company that hand does everything. Exactly what I was looking for.

Inside was a box of large Peach Smoking Wood chunks hand chopped roughly around the same shape.

In November of 2009, Baxter’s Original was started by Michael Baxter after he lost his sales position when his company closed, laying off all 90 employees. He had time on his hands to do some experimental smoking using different wood combinations, but was disappointed with everything he received (the wood was either dry, some cases rotted or had bug holes, and overall most of the pieces were all over the board in size and shape). Even the wood he received from top suppliers was below the standards he was looking for. “I figured I had the time, the interest, and the patience to produce a better product. That is what I set out to achieve with Baxter’s Original Premium Smoker Woods”.

The company is operated by Michael Baxter, Head Wood Chuk, and Brad Phillips, Head of Chipping and Retrieving.

Here’s a shot of Michael Baxter and Walter “Stump” McDowell of Stump’s Smokers Inc.. They supply them with “Stump Chunks”

“We sponsor the St. Louis Style Cooking team (Kevin and Larry) in the Central Texas BBQ Ass. – they have been doing great this year”.

And for good measure, Michael sent me a great photo of sparks flying in the wood shed

I decided to try them out last Sunday at my neighbor’s house. We used his Weber bullet (still haven’t settled on a smoker) and mixed lump coal with the Baxter’s Peach Smoker Wood. Our mission was the almost half day journey of cooking a wagyu brisket (from prep to plate). In using this wood, you really realize the importance of having wood that is similar in shape. It burned at a consistent pace and the aroma was that of true peach wood. I didn’t have my camera nor my iphone on me, so I can’t share any food shots (blame the 12 pack), but the brisket turned out top notch and the wood from Baxter’s enveloped the brisket with a crisp smokey flavor (we didn’t even have to use the whole box of wood either!).

Suffice to say I am extremely happy with the wood and will be ordering more in the future. Here’s a little info on the wood and links to gettin it (Pricing is really affordable: $ 4.49 for approximately 1.5 to 2 lbs).

Apple Smoker Wood
Almond Smoker Wood
Apricot Smoker Wood
Cherry Smoker Wood
Hickory Smoker Wood
Maple Smoker Wood
Peach Smoker Wood
Plum Smoker Wood
Walnut Smoker Wood

Here’s some actual video from Baxter’s as well:

I love their motto: “We are all about quality, if is doesn’t look and feel and smell right to me, you won’t get it in your order.”
Check out all their wood here

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