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BBQ Joint of the Week – Podnah’s Pit, Portland, OR

Once Rodney Muirhead opened Podhah’s Pit Barbecue in 2006, after smoking Texas Style BBQ in Portland, Oregon for 4 years prior, the accolades just flowed in. Here’s a clip that really shows the essence of their BBQ.

He and his pit crew are doing it right. Here’s the credo they follow:

•Getting up at 5:00 every morning to fire up the pit.
•Using honest oak hardwood in the firebox. His pit has never seen the likes of gas or electric heat of any kind.
•Using high quality, natural meats.
•Preparing the food fresh daily.
•Never precooking the meat. It’s all slow smoked right there in the pit.
•Only cooking as much meat as the smoker will comfortably hold, and that’s about 200 pounds a day.
•When the meat’s gone, it’s gone. Until tomorrow at lunch time that is.
•They love making honest, slow-smoked, Texas style barbecue for their patrons.
•And they love their patrons too. So much so that they even make Carolina style pulled-pork for them.

I know that Portland has become a foodie mecca, but now I have one more reason to make the trip.

Check out their menu here
One thing you definitely don’t see on a standard BBQ menu is Smoked Whole Ruby Trout (but makes sense being in the Pacific Northwest).

Here’s where they are at:

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Check out their reviews:

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  1. That looks so delicious!

    Comment by Devon — May 29, 2010 @ 1:42 pm

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