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BBQ Joint of the Week – Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn

When people are talking about BBQ over a beer or some sweet tea (I prefer the unsweetened) they generally refer to the four corners of the BBQ world: North Carolina, Memphis, Texas, and Kansas City. The thing is, many other states stand proud to their BBQ tradition. One state in particular is Kentucky and when I bring up Kentucky it’s more often than not that people tell me I should try Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn in Owensboro. They say it’s a tradition to stop in during this first weekend of May during the Kentucky Derby festivities, but since that’s passed, you’re in luck as next weekend is the International Bar-B-Q Festival in Owensboro, Kentucky.

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They slow cook their meats over hickory in their custom built pits, which isn’t completely original, but one thing they do cook that you don’t find everywhere is mutton:

Mut·ton (mut´’n) n. [ME. moton < OFr. moton, a ram, < ML. multo, sheep, prob. of Celt. orgin as in W. mollt, Ir. molt] 1. the flesh of a sheep, esp. a grown sheep, used as food 2. [Rare] a sheep — mut´ ton·y adj.

They also serve up an Owensboro’s specialty called burgoo which ‘is a hearty soup made from mutton, chicken, and a variety of vegetables. No two cooks prepare it the same way and most keep their recipes a closely guarded secret’.

The menu in general seems to cover everything you’d want from a BBQ joint and the great thing is they can ship a good number of their specialties to you from their website.

Check out what other’s are saying:

So if you’re in Owensboro and you like BBQ, there’s really no reason you shouldn’t head right over. Let me know what you think.

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