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Kevin's BBQ Joints Blog – Insane BBQ Pics is hands down one of the best sites about east coast BBQ. He’s insightful, funny, and his reviews are honest as well as spot on.

Here’s his philosophy:

“I like meat without sauce. I don’t mind sauce, but it shouldn’t be used as a crutch to rescue dry, reheated meat. I want to taste the meat. And if the meat is good, sauce can make it better, but I’d rather decide that for myself. There are some places that make several wonderful sauces, so why get every piece of meat covered with just one? That said, I still review what’s given to me. If a place serves up a slab of sauced ribs and they do a great job within that style, I give them credit. The idea is to describe how they do it and how well they do it, so you can decide whether to want to go there yourself. I like ribs first, pulled pork second, brisket third. For a while, I wasn’t that into brisket, primarily because so few places did it well. Ribs are the easiest to master, brisket the hardest, so it makes sense to start with the meat that everyone should be able to do right every time.”

I would like to say I only go for the articles, but I always stop by for the BBQ pics as they frickin’ make me hungry every time I visit. Here’s some to make you starving for lunch or dinner (heck, even breakfast).

You’ll have to search his site yourself to find the joints that are associated with the above pics, but in doing so, you’ll get even more hungry and also find a joint (or ten) that you didn’t know about that you’ll want to try.

Send me photos of your best bbq pics and of course, I’ll keep adding more as I find them.

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