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Thank You For Smoking (BBQ) – Washington City Paper

Tim Carman wrote up a great piece on BBQ (and three joints in particular) for the Young & Hungry section of the Washington City Paper. The article goes over the long hours and patience it takes to tend to a smoker (most times over night) at your home. This leads him to discuss the popular commercial smokers such as Southern Pride, Ole Hickory Pits, and J&R Manufacturing used by the joints below:

Rocklands – Washington, DC

Blue Ribbon BBQ – Derwood, Maryland

KBQ Real Barbecue – Bowie, Maryland

It’s nice to see how he comes to appreciate BBQ from a joint that a while back he might not have (from the personal experience of BBQ’ing on his own). The best observation is this one he makes “A pitmaster’s smoking tools alone do not create great barbecue. The seasonings, the dry rub, the choice of wood, the amount of fat trimmed before smoking, the time in the smoker, the decision to chill meats, the method for holding warm meats, the process for reheating meats—all of these affect the quality of your ‘cue. And because people, not machines, are behind each of these processes, quality can vary widely from place to place, even visit to visit.”

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