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Trader Joe’s – Pulled Beef Brisket

You may or may not be familiar with Trader Joe’s, but having 342 stores in 24 states, there’s a fair chance you’ve seen one or at least heard of them. They’re pretty popular with my family as they have a ton of unique product (many branded under their own name) and they’re on a lot more health food store than your neighborhood supermarket.

Last week my Mom picked up Trader Joe’s Pulled Beef Brisket.

I was skeptical as the term ‘pulled’ doesn’t generally go along with brisket. Also, the cover just seemed to remind me of a strange sloppy joe. I decided (for science and for everyone else out there) to give it a try on a nice sourdough roll.

I have to say it was barely decent. The sauce was on the spicy side (some of the other tasters didn’t love that), but the meat itself tasted as it was a stewed brisket rather than smoked or even baked for a long period of time. It wasn’t bad, but my bar has been raised as I’ve delved more and more into Kansas City and Texas BBQ joints. I’d say if you were in a pinch and you just needed beef nourishment, then pick this up to have on hand in your freezer. Otherwise, search out a BBQ joint that servers real brisket as you’d be much more pleased.

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