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Neely’s Pig Parlor – NYC

It’s the same old story. First you start a BBQ Joint with your brothers in Memphis, it becomes successful, you then expand to another Memphis location as well as a Nashville location, then you fall under the good graces of Paula Dean (and her sons), then you get your own show on the Food Network called Down Home with the Nellys, then you open up a BBQ Joint called Neely’s Pig Parlor in the Big Apple. OK, it’s not the same old story or even a story that you would make up, but that’s the progression for Pat and Gina Neely at least.

To be upfront, I haven’t been to any of the Neely’s Bar-B-Que restaurants, so I can’t judge from first hand knowledge, but reading the reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon (see below), I do think they have their work cut out for them in New York. From Hill Country, to RUB BBQ, to Blue Smoke, Daisy May’s BBQ, to Dinosaur Bar B Que, to Fette Sau, New York has it’s fair share of quality BBQ. They will really have to bring it or they’ll be packing their bags back to Tennessee (then again, the Food Network is based in New York, so there may be some sort of synergy they are going to try to create). Regardless, I’m sure they know what they are up against.

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Here’s where they will be opening up shop(the old Merchant’s NY spot):

Back to their TV Show for a moment. I was slightly (only slightly) excited when I first heard they were going to have a show as I assumed it would revolve around BBQ. Just the thought of a Food Network show that was going to focus on my passion peaked my interest. Well sadly, as most of you probably know, it’s really just about Southern Cooking and I think the only time I saw BBQ was when they grilled some ribs outside. I felt it was a big mistake, but supposedly it’s one of their top ranked show. Go figure.

If you’re interested in reading some of their restaurant reviews, here you go

I’ll be heading to NYC this fall so I’ll try and stop in if they’re open and give you an honest write-up.

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