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Review – Perdue’s Q – BBQ & Catering – Pasadena, CA

I’ve been meaning to stop by Perdue’s Q – BBQ & Catering for a while now, but haven’t been able to make it over there. Luckily, our Los Angeles correspondent, Miguel (aka The Notorious BBQ), had a chance to hit it up on Sunday. Here’s his review:

Today, I moseyed on down to Perdue’s Q – BBQ & Catering in Pasadena, just north of historic Old Town Pasadena. I have suddenly become more analytical toward my approach to BBQ-sine and I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing yet. For now it takes a bit away from the enjoyment of eating as I find myself in constant analysis mode while eating.

However, as I refine my palate, I guess I will ultimately know what is “top shelf” grill master bbq-sine and I can then just enjoy great BBQ. Well that is if I get out of California more to eat BBQ. Anyway, I’ve digressed.

Despite its modern store front facade, inside Perdue’s is a family owned restaurant with a mostly down home Southern decor. There are a few strange areas which resemble more of a storage facility and cafeteria area giving what would be a really nice homey decor a bit of strangeness to the vibe. Nonetheless it’s a comfortable and friendly environment.

The cooking style comes from a combination of Arkansas and Alabama families perfecting their years of grilling into one. I ordered the combination dinner. Brisket, spare ribs, BBQ chicken, BBQ beans, collard greens, Texas toast (grilled garlic bread), and cornbread with spicy BBQ sauce. Like MOST bbq joints, their downfall was slightly overcooked meat. Flavors were fantastic especially the sauce but both brisket and ribs were slightly overcooked. Chicken leg/thigh were perfect but breast was a bit dry.

Also missing for my personal tastes were a more prominent smoky flavor and a nice char on the ribs. The collard greens were brilliant (even though they were sans hamhock), beans were average, and the only disappointment of being not good was the cornbread.

Overall it was a fairly nice meal. I would certainly return, but not in a rush. A bit more attention to the cooking of the meat and maybe a step up in meat quality could really make a big difference in Perdue’s becoming top notch.

Final Grades
Brisket – B+
Ribs – B
Chicken – B
Greens – A-
Cornbread – D
Sauce – A
Service – B+
Decor – B-
Overall – B

You can find it here:

Here are some other reviews on yelp

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