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Neely’s Pig Parlor – NYC

It’s the same old story. First you start a BBQ Joint with your brothers in Memphis, it becomes successful, you then expand to another Memphis location as well as a Nashville location, then you fall under the good graces of Paula Dean (and her sons), then you get your own show on the Food Network called Down Home with the Nellys, then you open up a BBQ Joint called Neely’s Pig Parlor in the Big Apple. OK, it’s not the same old story or even a story that you would make up, but that’s the progression for Pat and Gina Neely at least.

To be upfront, I haven’t been to any of the Neely’s Bar-B-Que restaurants, so I can’t judge from first hand knowledge, but reading the reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon (see below), I do think they have their work cut out for them in New York. From Hill Country, to RUB BBQ, to Blue Smoke, Daisy May’s BBQ, to Dinosaur Bar B Que, to Fette Sau, New York has it’s fair share of quality BBQ. They will really have to bring it or they’ll be packing their bags back to Tennessee (then again, the Food Network is based in New York, so there may be some sort of synergy they are going to try to create). Regardless, I’m sure they know what they are up against.

Photo courtesy of

Here’s where they will be opening up shop(the old Merchant’s NY spot):

Back to their TV Show for a moment. I was slightly (only slightly) excited when I first heard they were going to have a show as I assumed it would revolve around BBQ. Just the thought of a Food Network show that was going to focus on my passion peaked my interest. Well sadly, as most of you probably know, it’s really just about Southern Cooking and I think the only time I saw BBQ was when they grilled some ribs outside. I felt it was a big mistake, but supposedly it’s one of their top ranked show. Go figure.

If you’re interested in reading some of their restaurant reviews, here you go

I’ll be heading to NYC this fall so I’ll try and stop in if they’re open and give you an honest write-up.

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BBQ Joint of the Week – Kloby’s Smokehouse – Laurel, MD

Kloby’s Smokehouse is known for their pulled pork (served in the Carolina style), brisket, ribs, and chicken (along with sides made from scratch, which is important). Just about a half an hour outside of Baltimore, this semi-newbie on the block is starting to get a really strong following.

Photo by Kenneth K. Lam

Pitmaster and owner, Steve Klobosits, provides this as his background. “After many years working as a Paramedic/Firefighter (of course I was the station chef) I attended The Restaurant School in Philadelphia and earned my culinary degree. I then worked for more than 10 years in high volume themed restaurants in the Washington, DC and Baltimore area as I was formulating my plan to open a restaurant that had great comfort food, with a casual environment at an affordable price.

If you want to find it here’s a map:

I’m hitting Baltimore later this year so this will definitely be one of my stops. If you’ve been let us know what you think.

Yahoo! Local

Review – Kielbasa Beef/Pork Burgers – Grilliant Ideas

I’ve often held the conviction that if you like BBQ, you like burgers. I know for certain that’s the case for me. I pretty much can’t get enough of either and I’m sure one day my future cardiologist will be glad I chose this path in life. I also really love sausage and since I’ve been young the Kielbasa has held a warm place in my heart. So when I found out that Grilliant Ideas ( had come up with a Kielbasa Beef/Pork Burger I knew I couldn’t pass this up trying it.

The burgers are packed four to a pack (1/2 lb. generous patties). They come frozen, which is incredibly convenient. You just have to pop them on a grill or broil them in your oven.

My assistant, Olwen, was attentive the moment they came out of the box.


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Trader Joe’s – Pulled Beef Brisket

You may or may not be familiar with Trader Joe’s, but having 342 stores in 24 states, there’s a fair chance you’ve seen one or at least heard of them. They’re pretty popular with my family as they have a ton of unique product (many branded under their own name) and they’re on a lot more health food store than your neighborhood supermarket.

Last week my Mom picked up Trader Joe’s Pulled Beef Brisket.

I was skeptical as the term ‘pulled’ doesn’t generally go along with brisket. Also, the cover just seemed to remind me of a strange sloppy joe. I decided (for science and for everyone else out there) to give it a try on a nice sourdough roll.

I have to say it was barely decent. The sauce was on the spicy side (some of the other tasters didn’t love that), but the meat itself tasted as it was a stewed brisket rather than smoked or even baked for a long period of time. It wasn’t bad, but my bar has been raised as I’ve delved more and more into Kansas City and Texas BBQ joints. I’d say if you were in a pinch and you just needed beef nourishment, then pick this up to have on hand in your freezer. Otherwise, search out a BBQ joint that servers real brisket as you’d be much more pleased.

Posted in BBQ Products on by kevin - Be the first to comment – BBQ Smackdown – Ribs, a site, if you’re in Los Angeles or want the scoop on all things Los Angeles, I would recommend you bookmark and follow the twitter feed here.

Today they ran a piece on the two San Fernando Valley BBQ Joints, most notably which had the best ribs. You can check it out here.

Here are the pics (taken by from the two joints featured:

Ribs USA – Burbank, CA

Dr Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas BBQ – Van Nuys, CA

I’ve only been to Dr. Hogley Wogley’s before and wasn’t too impressed, but it’s been a long time and perhaps they’ve stepped up their BBQ.

Check them out and let us know how you feel.

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Thank You For Smoking (BBQ) – Washington City Paper

Tim Carman wrote up a great piece on BBQ (and three joints in particular) for the Young & Hungry section of the Washington City Paper. The article goes over the long hours and patience it takes to tend to a smoker (most times over night) at your home. This leads him to discuss the popular commercial smokers such as Southern Pride, Ole Hickory Pits, and J&R Manufacturing used by the joints below:

Rocklands – Washington, DC

Blue Ribbon BBQ – Derwood, Maryland

KBQ Real Barbecue – Bowie, Maryland

It’s nice to see how he comes to appreciate BBQ from a joint that a while back he might not have (from the personal experience of BBQ’ing on his own). The best observation is this one he makes “A pitmaster’s smoking tools alone do not create great barbecue. The seasonings, the dry rub, the choice of wood, the amount of fat trimmed before smoking, the time in the smoker, the decision to chill meats, the method for holding warm meats, the process for reheating meats—all of these affect the quality of your ‘cue. And because people, not machines, are behind each of these processes, quality can vary widely from place to place, even visit to visit.”

You can follow Tim Carman here

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Joe Morley’s – Texas BBQ in…Utah?

It seems there’s a ton of BBQ joints outside of the great state of Texas claiming to serve ‘Texas’ BBQ. Sadly, most fall short of Texas BBQ and most fall even shorter of serving real honest BBQ in general. Well, according to the Desert News, Joe Morley’s Smoke Beef & Bar-B-Q is doing a mighty good job of smoking low and slow in Midvale, Utah.

Per the author, Stacey Kratz, “Joe Morley’s has been smoking and serving barbecue in Utah since 1984, and they’ve been doing it well. All the usual Texas barbecue suspects are here, from brisket and pork to sausage, chicken, ribs and turkey.”

Here’s a pic of their ribs ‘fresh from the smoker’

I haven’t been, but the write up seemed to lend the belief that you wouldn’t be wrong in stopping by for some BBQ if you were in the Midvale area.

Friend them on facebook here

Let me know what you think if you hit it up.

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Jason Lee Skateboard & Memphis Blues BBQ Sauce Contest

To promote Jason Lee’s new TNT show Memphis Beat the network is giving away Jason Lee’s Brand Complete Stereo Sound Skateboard and Memphis Blues BBQ Sauce.

Check out all the details on how to enter at Small Screen Scoop.

Giveaway ends on July 25, 2010.

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BBQ Joint Takeover News – The Beach Pit BBQ

I’m a sucker for takeover news and learning what parent company owns what other smaller companies. Most times it would shock you to learn that your favorite product was owned by another completely different brand or even sister brands with brands that really don’t go together (take a look at this link for Kraft as an example).

On a little smaller than mega-brand news, according to the Orange County Register, Costa Mesa based The Beach Pit BBQ has acquired Huntington Beach based Smokin’ Mo’s BBQ. They are looking to further expand their BBQ brand throughout Orange County. Not sure if they are planning on keeping the Smokin’ Mo’s BBQ name or transitioning them to The Beach Pit BBQ. I have been to location in Newport Beach and was impressed with my meal.

To continue the Orange County connection, it’s interesting that Tim DeCinces, founder of The Beach Pit BBQ, is the son of former Angels third baseman Doug DeCinces.

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Washington City Paper – Capital Q BBQ – Washington, DC

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Capital Q in Washington, DC. Here’s an article in the Young & Hungry Section of the Washington City Paper that continues the strong word about their BBQ. One thing that stands out is the fact they use a Ole Hickory Smokers to smoke their meat 12 hours.

Here’s a pic from the article:

Check them out in DC here:

They also have a location in Galveston, Texas.

Follow them on twitter here

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