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2nd Annual California Beer Fest / BBQ Cook-Off – Ventura, California

Disarray Magazine brings news that a BBQ Cook-Off will be part of this years California Beer Festival in Ventura, CA.

I will be updating this once I get the joints/teams being represented in the cook-off, but should be a great time, especially since the Beer Festival has over 100 beers represented.

Get tickets here

New Joint – City Barbeque – Newark, Ohio

The Newark Advocate is reporting that City Barbeque will be opening up in a former Dickey’s Barbecue Pit location at the end of October. This will be the popular Ohio chain’s 18th restaurant.

From City Barbeque “We strive to bring you the best America has to offer. Our pork shoulder is reminiscent of the southeastern United States, the brisket and sausage take you to Texas, and the ribs exude a blend of Memphis and Kansas City.” I’ve been getting rave reviews about City BBQ from the beginning and people especially love their sauces which cover the four corners of BBQ.

See their menu here

Photo courtesy of Columbus Alive

You can see the new joint when it opens around Halloween here:

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Mr. Boneless – BBQ Stand – Miami, Florida

Straight from the Miami Herald comes a story about the BBQ and boneless ribs being served up by Mr. Boneless in Miami, Florida. “Jerry Watts, the 48-year-old owner of Mr. Boneless, said that Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days, when he sells nearly 800 pounds of ribs per day.” There’s no mention in the article as to what Mr. Watts does to make his ribs “boneless”, but I have to assume he takes the rib meat off to create his crowd pleasing sandwiches. I’ll be doing more research to get photos and additional reviews.

“Mr. Boneless offers different types of foods, such as seafood, rice, macaroni and cheese and boneless chicken. But it’s the boneless ribs that have earned it a cult following.”

The stand opens at 3 PM and closes at midnight Wednesday through Sunday.

See what all the fuss is here:

Phone: 305-244-2537

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Boxer BBQ Company – Council Bluffs, Iowa

Alright, let’s be honest, most of us haven’t been to Iowa nor are we planning a trip there in the near future. Not saying we shouldn’t stop in to this great state, but it seems most of us are hitting the coasts or the major cities on our travels (and for BBQ we’re heading to Texas, Memphis, North Carolina, or Kansas City).

So when the South West Iowa News is reporting that a joint called Boxer BBQ Company is smoking BBQ like a Kansas City joint, I have to do some further research.

Photo of Jim Mohatt, owner of Boxer BBQ from South West Iowa News

Sadly, when I can’t get to a joint I have to use the internet to sort of carve my way through the muck to figure out if a joint is legit. Seems Boxer BBQ is really doing a great job at bringing real BBQ to Iowa. From the article “The main dishes include smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken and smoked beef brisket. Patrons can also enjoy spare ribs, baby back ribs and barbeque pork shanks and sausage.” Seems real deal and from the reviews I’ve been reading people say it’s worth a stop and saves the drive to Kansas City, which is a pretty bold statement.

Here’s what Yahoo! Local reviews are saying.

Check their menu and video out here

If you’re in the area and want to stop by, hit them up here:

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Bubba’s Southern Pit BBQ – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about Bubba’s Southern Pit BBQ, so when I saw this article in the Arkansas Times, I was excited to get a peek into the joint.

Photo courtesy of Kat Robinson

Kat Robinson, a food writer I’ve followed for a while, writes about her experience visiting this 30 year old joint. What’s funny is she is going for the burger, as she’s heard amazing things about it, but sneaks tastes of BBQ that her husband orders. I’d go for the BBQ myself, but damn, if you look at the burger in her photos, that too makes me incredibly hungry.

Photo courtesy of Kat Robinson

Check them out here:

They are on facebook here
Read some reviews on Yelp

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New BBQ Joint – The Cotton Club – Athens, Georgia

Straight from the Athens Banner-Herald comes news that budding restauranteurs Russ Graham and Tom Powers (they own Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar in Memphis, TN which open in the Spring of 2009) are opening The Cotton Club in Athens, Georgia. The Cotton Club is described as being a ‘casual’ barbecue restaurant.

From the article, we get more insight into the BBQ style they choose, “We call it Athens-style barbecue, because it’s a mixture of different regions coming into one in Athens,” Graham said. Their research resulted in two thick sauces – regular and hot – created from a “marriage” between vinegar- and tomato-based sauces with mustard as a backdrop, Powers said. The regular sauce also bears a slight sweetness, possibly from honey or molasses.”

-Update – Just talked to the General manager Clark and found they actually just opened today and have a lunch, dinner, and late night menu (after 1:30 AM when they open the kitchen back up). He said since they are all from Memphis, he assured me they are doing the real deal BBQ with low and slow smoking. Really want to stop by next time I’m in Athens, GA. If you get a chance to hit it up, please take some pics and let us know what you think.

Photo courtesy of Richard Hamm

Check out their menu here

Photo courtesy of Richard Hamm
Stop by The Cotton Club here:

Phone: 706-850-8227

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Taste of Deerfield Valley – Featuring BBQ Champion – Myron Mixon

Celebrate the Valley is putting on the 5th Annual Taste of The Deerfield Valley(in Mount Snow, Vermont), which showcases over a dozen of top restaurants in the area. The event is slated for Friday, September 10th and Saturday, September 11th.

This year, for the first time, three-time World BBQ Champion and star of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters Myron Mixon will be at year’s event to demonstrate his BBQ skills along with providing a private lesson and dinner on Friday night and a BBQ demonstration on Saturday morning.

Myron Mixon with Vermont Governor Jim Douglas

Here is Myron with the Vermont Junior Iron Chefs.

Per the site, “Myron will be traveling to Vermont with a one of a kind 30 foot trailer that includes a 6ft x 6ft Hog Cooker, 2500lb Shoulder Cooker and a 5 rack Rib Cooker.” I really don’t know what sounds better than mixing the incredible state of Vermont with BBQ and Myron Mixon.

Buy tickets here
Read more about the event here
See more of Myron Mixon at his site, Jack’s Old South, here

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New BBQ Joint – Marion, Kansas – Nuttin Butt Good BBQ

According to the Peabody Gazette-Bulletin, Gale Cooper, former welder and Kansas City Barbecue Society certified judge has opened up a BBQ joint in Marion, Kansas that shares the same name as his BBQ team, Nuttin Butt Good BBQ.

Per the article “He uses a brand of barbecue sauce called Head Country in the restaurant. The sauce covers a middle ground between thick, sweet Kansas City style and thinner, vinegar-based Carolina style. He described it as thinner than Kansas City style but still sweet.” For all of you backyard BBQer’s, it’s nice to know that he went from a Weber Bullet Smoker (which I started on as well) to what he now has, which is a commerical smoker that can smoke up to 165 lbs. of meat.

Right now they are only open Tuesday through Friday from 11 AM to 1:30 PM and 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Check them out here:

Phone: 620-382-5769

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SugarHouse Barbeque Co. – Salt Lake City, Utah

Here’s a little piece The Salt Lake Tribune did on SugarHouse Barbeque Co.. I’ve been meaning to stop by for years when I’m out in Utah, as they claim on their website that they have been voted Utah’s best BBQ for 10 years in a row, but haven’t had a chance.

Photo courtesy of Gastronomic Salt Lake City

You can check out their menu here (they serve a Memphis style barbecue). We’d love to hear more about it, so let us know what you think about their cue.

You can visit them here:

Phone: 801-463-4800

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New BBQ Joint – Dos Okies Barbeque – Port Townsend, WA

Straight from the Peninsula Daily News, a new BBQ joint opened up in Port Townsend, Washington.

The joint, Dos Okies Barbeque, is the brainchild of Larry Dennison and Ron McElroy. Per their website, they have been in the BBQ catering business in Port Townsend since 1999. Larry learned the art of slow cooking with hardwood smoke at Beasly’s BBQ in Oklahoma City in 1973. Ron learned from famous BBQ chef Paul Kirk and is a member of the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association where he has been an official BBQ competition judge. They share more than forty years of pit BBQ (wood smoke slow cooking) experience between them.

Here’s a look at their ribs:

Their menu (here) looks like tried and true BBQ fair at decent pricing. Let us know what you think if you’ve tried it or if you stop by in the near future.

You can find them here:

Phone: 360-385-7669

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