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BBQ Joint of the Week – Carter Brothers Bar-B-Que – North Carolina

I’ve mentioned that I have to travel to North Carolina twice a year for business and because of this, I’ve grown to appreciate more and more North Carolina BBQ. On my last visit I came across Carter Brothers Bar-B-Que in High Point, North Carolina (they have two High Point locations, but I’ve only been to the Main Street one).

Photo courtesy of Kat Kinsman from Slashfood

On the two times I visited during my four days in North Carolina, I had the large chopped BBQ Pork Plate with hush puppies and cole slaw. You can tell the pork was cooked low and slow and when you added their vinegar based BBQ sauce you pretty much had a North Carolina match made in heaven. The hush puppies on both occasions were cooked just right (not overly fried or mushy in the middle) and the slaw was crunchy and had the vinegar base that I prefer (not a huge fan of mayonnaise based cole slaws). I also washed it down with really good iced tea (not sweet tea, but I do love getting asked if I want sweet tea for some reason).

Here’s link to their menu. I’ve heard almost everything they serve is good, especially their breakfast.

Their North Main Location:

Phone: 336-869-9948

Their Wendover Landing Location

Phone: 336-841-2241

I would recommend them to anyone wanting to try out some real North Carolina style BBQ (there are other really great, even better, joints, but Carter Brothers does it right). Here are some additional reviews:


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