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Review – Pork Barrel BBQ – Sauce and Dry Rub

OK. So there’s a fair amount of hype behind Pork Barrel BBQ. I first saw them on the ABC’s show Shark Tank. Here’s their audition tape and here’s their appearance. I casually followed their journey as they launched their sauces and rubs and started to get more and more traction in the BBQ world. Being curious minded, I decided to order their Pork Barrel BBQ Original Sauce and a jars of their All American Spice Rub.

I was planning on testing out their product over the weekend, when I happened to hear Heath (he and Brett make up the team behind Pork Barrel BBQ) on Greg Rempe’s BBQ Central Radio Show. It was nice because it gave me the opportunity to learn more about where they came from and their future plans (which include opening a restaurant in Washington, DC). More about that later.

I decided to go with baby back ribs. As instructed on their rub label, I brushed these with olive oil and rubbed in the spice rub (which is described as garlic, onion, smoked paprika, ancho chile, and chipotle chile).

Here they are on the grill. I decided to go indirect at a higher than normal temperature (than I usually go) for roughly 2 hours.

A little bit of a close up before they really got cooking:

This is after about 40 minutes into the cooking process. Really like how they are looking. Pretty much exactly what I was going for.

Here the ribs are completed and resting:

Here’s the final product with a bowl of sauce in the foreground. Wish I had a better shot of the ribs themselves as they appear a little manhandled in the background.

So now the moment of truth. It appeared that the rub really held to the ribs the way I wanted it to and from first indication, a spoon’s taste, their BBQ Sauce seemed to hit all the right notes. Well suffice to say, I was MORE than pleased. The ribs were perfect. Incredibly moist and the rub was spicy. Not too spicy, but you could definitely taste the ancho and chipotle peppers. The sauce really complimented the rub too. It is more vinegar/tomato based with a hint of spice, but with the bit more spiciness of the rub, you really enjoyed the coolness and even flavor of the sauce. Very happy. Finished off a complete rack and ended up eating the rest the next day (again, surprisingly satisfying and delicious).

I’d recommend their rubs and sauce to anyone (I didn’t try their sweet sauce so I can’t give any opinion).
If you want to order any of their rubs and sauces you can here

For a little background, Brett and Heath met as United States Senate staffers (hence the term Pork Barrel) and turned their passion for BBQ into a 4th Place at Memphis in May for Brisket. Early into their rub and sauce days they jumped at the chance to appear on The Shark Tank, which gave them immediate nationwide exposure and an investor from the show.

They plan on opening up their own joint in Washington, DC this October/November. They will be serving up ribs, brisket, pulled pork, texas style sausage, as well as the standard fair side that go with BBQ. Heath confirmed on the BBQ Central Radio Show that they have chosen to use a Southern Price Smoker. Also on their product agenda is a mustard based sauce as well as a spicy sauce.spicy sauce soon

Here’s a recent story about them ringing the closing bell at NASDAQ.

Follow them on twitter here

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