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New BBQ Joint – Blind Pig No. 55 – Nashville, TN

The Hospitality Development Group has brought on Louis Osteen (honored as Best Chef in the Southeast in 2004 by the James Beard Foundation) to serve as the executive chef at their new BBQ restaurant Blind Pig 55 in Nashville, TN (he serves as executive chef at two other restaurants they operate as well).

Here’s a release of their menu:
“The menu features items such as the Pig’s Smoked & Pulled Pork Shoulder and Cole Slaw Sliders (with Memphis barbecue sauce); Shrimp Corn Dogs (with avocado-lime dip); Empanadas (filled with pulled barbecue with peppery barbecue dipping sauce); Crispy Romaine and Arugula with Fried Oysters, Benton’s Tennessee Prosciutto and Bourbon Soaked Dried Peaches; The Pig Burger (custom blend of freshly ground chuck, brisket and boneless short rib with a touch of Benton’s bacon, on a soft potato roll with caramelized onions and fried green tomatoes); St. Louis Spareribs (big and juicy, sweet and spicy, with Tennessee red sauce) and Hickory Grilled Blue Ridge Rainbow Trout (with Crabmeat, scallions and smoked bacon).”

If you’re interested in how they got their name, the Nashville Scene explains “The origin of the name is twofold. Blind pig was slang for a speakeasy, while No. 55 refers to H.G. Hill grocery store No. 55, which originally occupied the building.”

Check this new place out here:

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