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Weekend BBQ Joint – Jim’s Fallbrook Market – Woodland Hills, CA

Every Saturday and Sunday in the parking lot of Jim’s Fallbrook Market (a small specialty market in Woodland Hills, CA), there’s always a large gathering of people getting BBQ from Calabasas Custom Catering. The throng is mixed with a generous helping of wonderful meaty smoke (you can actually smell it from about a block away).

They use a large crank grill so they can raise and lower the meats according to how much they need to cook them at a given moment (generally it seemed they had their grates at a 1/3 up level).

I went for their half tri tip half pulled pork sandwich, because, well, I had never had that combination before.

The photo really doesn’t do it justice. The pulled pork was moist and the tri tip was tender and not overdone. Although I am always searching out brisket, I would stop in again to get this sandwich or just a tri tip one on it’s own. I do know from experience that relatives have had the ribs and chicken from here and they were on the ‘overcooked’ side. Might be something you ask about when ordering.

My only real complaint were the sides. The beans were extremely bland and the cole slaw was devoid of flavor (not even a hint of vinegar nor mayo if you were going that route). Also, as a rule, they are on the pricier side (my sandwich was $ 8.00 and $ 1.00 more per side).

Here’s a partial menu shot. They do have a good amount of choices.

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  1. Jim’s Market has one of the BEST and yummiest BBQ’s I’ve ever inhaled. I licked my fingers for every last taste of BBQ sauce I could get. GREAT FOOD!!

    Comment by Chelsi Howland — August 19, 2010 @ 3:21 pm

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