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Boxer BBQ Company – Council Bluffs, Iowa

Alright, let’s be honest, most of us haven’t been to Iowa nor are we planning a trip there in the near future. Not saying we shouldn’t stop in to this great state, but it seems most of us are hitting the coasts or the major cities on our travels (and for BBQ we’re heading to Texas, Memphis, North Carolina, or Kansas City).

So when the South West Iowa News is reporting that a joint called Boxer BBQ Company is smoking BBQ like a Kansas City joint, I have to do some further research.

Photo of Jim Mohatt, owner of Boxer BBQ from South West Iowa News

Sadly, when I can’t get to a joint I have to use the internet to sort of carve my way through the muck to figure out if a joint is legit. Seems Boxer BBQ is really doing a great job at bringing real BBQ to Iowa. From the article “The main dishes include smoked pulled pork, smoked chicken and smoked beef brisket. Patrons can also enjoy spare ribs, baby back ribs and barbeque pork shanks and sausage.” Seems real deal and from the reviews I’ve been reading people say it’s worth a stop and saves the drive to Kansas City, which is a pretty bold statement.

Here’s what Yahoo! Local reviews are saying.

Check their menu and video out here

If you’re in the area and want to stop by, hit them up here:

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  1. Thank you for the kind words Kevin! We work very hard here to provide an authentic BBQ experience. Stop in some lunch or dinner and my wife and i willi try to feed you proper! Happy smoking and hearty eating!

    Comment by Jim Mohatt — September 21, 2010 @ 2:44 am

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