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New BBQ Joint – Roosters Texas Style BBQ – Nashville, TN

The Tennessean is reporting that Rooster Beane is opening up a joint on the same spot his brother Aubrey Beane ran Judge Bean’s Bar-B-Que. His new joint will be called Rooster’s Texas-Style BBQ & Steakhouse.

Per the article, he’ll be focusing on Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, and Sausage. He opens Monday August 23rd, so if you get a chance to stop in, send us an email with photos and a review. We’ll post for sure.

You can check it out here:

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Kevin’s BBQ Joints – Official Launch – BBQ Joint Search Engine

After two years of researching and planning, I am finally happy to report that I have launched my beta-version of Kevin’s BBQ Joints – BBQ Joint Search Engine. The over 3,000+ BBQ joints can be searched by city/state, zip code, or street address as well as a general search by individual state.

One key feature that we knew was important was the ability to filter out BBQ chains if you didn’t want to have them come up in your search (you’ll notice the ‘filter out chains’ to the right of the search button). Test it out to see what the results are.

Another important aspect to the site are the compilations of joints that sell their meat online and those that sell their rubs and sauces online.

The main reason I did this was for you to have ability to find BBQ (hopefully good BBQ) wherever you are or wherever you are traveling too.

Look for more features to be added in the near future that will add further to your BBQ joint and BBQ experience. Also, if I’m missing a joint, if a new one crops up, or if sadly one closes, please feel free to contact me to let me know. I am going to be updating this site daily.

Check the site out here
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Favorite BBQ Joints – Tim McGraw, Jewel, and More

Finally, People Magazine has something that I can actually sink my teeth into. They asked these country celebrities below to provide their favorite BBQ Joints. You can see the article here

Here are their picks if you’re interested in checking them out (included one BBQ pic from Hard Eight as it made me hungry):

Hard Eight BBQ – Texas

Hard Eight BBQ – Photo courtesy of Texas Flyer

Tim McGraw
Podnuh’s Bar-B-Que – Louisiana

Dolly Parton
Couser’s Southern Restaurant – Tennessee

Joe Nichols
Country Tavern – Texas

Blake Shelton
Blue Pig BBQ – Oklahoma

Justin Moore
Jack’s Bar-B-Que – Tennessee

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New Location – Choo Choo BBQ Xpress – Blufton, SC

From the I’m a little embarrassed to be typing the BBQ joint name files, Choo Choo BBQ Xpress is moving to a permanent location per Island Packet.

OK, it’s not that bad a name, just sounds funny when I read it out loud. Seems there is a large fan base that’s been waiting for what they describe as “Bluffton’s BEST traditional slow-cooked, hand pulled pork, chicken and ribs.”

Here’s their new spot:

Phone 813-815-7675

Check them out on facebook here

Check out a review on Urbanspoon

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Weekend BBQ Joint – Jim’s Fallbrook Market – Woodland Hills, CA

Every Saturday and Sunday in the parking lot of Jim’s Fallbrook Market (a small specialty market in Woodland Hills, CA), there’s always a large gathering of people getting BBQ from Calabasas Custom Catering. The throng is mixed with a generous helping of wonderful meaty smoke (you can actually smell it from about a block away).

They use a large crank grill so they can raise and lower the meats according to how much they need to cook them at a given moment (generally it seemed they had their grates at a 1/3 up level).


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Grand Opening – Uncle Mike’s BBQ – White Center, WA

BBQ Joints are springing up around the country like smoke flavored weeds (that’s good for us BBQ loving folks, that is, if the joint is good). Courtesy of the West Seattle Blog, Uncle Mike’s BBQ just opened in White Center, WA. Their website and facebook page aren’t up yet, but here’s their first Yelp review. Sounds like this one might be a keeper, but I’ll be sure to update this post with photos and additional information as it becomes available.

Check them out here:

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Taylor Takes a Taste – North Carolina BBQ

Just in case you missed Taylor Mathis’ post a week ago on his visit to Jimmy Hagood’s catered events in the North Carolina Moutains, you’re missing out. There are great pics of Jimmy’s Big Red Rig (which has two smokers, gas burners, a charcoal starter and pretty much everything else you’d need to do a proper NC BBQ) and his step by step BBQ process.

Here’s a ‘taste’ of two of the photos:

Check the post here
I have a link to all of Taylor’s other BBQ posts here

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Belly Buster’s Bar-B-Que Moves to New Location

The Mansfield News Journal is reporting that Belly Buster’s Bar-B-Que has moved to a new larger location.

The take out only bbq joint “will have a Hickory Smoker, which is only the third of its kind in Ohio. All of their entrees will be smoked in this hickory smoker. Linda says she is not done with the menu yet, but it will include such items as barbeque chicken, smoked turkey legs and of course barbecue chicken wings. Linda says that everything will be made on the premise and will, of course, be delicious.”

Check out their menu here

Here’s their new location:

Phone: 419-903-0930

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New BBQ Joint – Silver Street BBQ – Lebanon, OH

Per the Dayton Daily News a new BBQ joint has opened up in downtown Lebanon, OH. Silver Street BBQ recently opened by owners Aparajit Agarwal and Noel Catanzaro (a former chef at Montgomery Inn and Boat House) with the low and slow method in mind. In talking to the joint, I found they use a custom built motorized rotisserie smoker with 16 eight foot racks that can hold up to 400 hundred lbs. of meat. They try to keep their temps between 200 and 225.

Their BBQ offerings includes pulled pork, brisket, chicken, and baby back ribs. They also serve three varieties of barbecue sauce. I haven’t had the chance to stop in yet so I’d love to here what you think. Looks like they are trying to stay true to real BBQ.

Check them out here.


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Cool BBQ Pic – Arthur Bryant’s BBQ – Kansas City

Just a pic a friend sent me that made me want to travel east to Kansas City.

If you want some of their great sauces or rubs check out their online store here

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