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New BBQ Joint – Blind Pig No. 55 – Nashville, TN

The Hospitality Development Group has brought on Louis Osteen (honored as Best Chef in the Southeast in 2004 by the James Beard Foundation) to serve as the executive chef at their new BBQ restaurant Blind Pig 55 in Nashville, TN (he serves as executive chef at two other restaurants they operate as well).

Here’s a release of their menu:
“The menu features items such as the Pig’s Smoked & Pulled Pork Shoulder and Cole Slaw Sliders (with Memphis barbecue sauce); Shrimp Corn Dogs (with avocado-lime dip); Empanadas (filled with pulled barbecue with peppery barbecue dipping sauce); Crispy Romaine and Arugula with Fried Oysters, Benton’s Tennessee Prosciutto and Bourbon Soaked Dried Peaches; The Pig Burger (custom blend of freshly ground chuck, brisket and boneless short rib with a touch of Benton’s bacon, on a soft potato roll with caramelized onions and fried green tomatoes); St. Louis Spareribs (big and juicy, sweet and spicy, with Tennessee red sauce) and Hickory Grilled Blue Ridge Rainbow Trout (with Crabmeat, scallions and smoked bacon).”

If you’re interested in how they got their name, the Nashville Scene explains “The origin of the name is twofold. Blind pig was slang for a speakeasy, while No. 55 refers to H.G. Hill grocery store No. 55, which originally occupied the building.”

Check this new place out here:

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Robert Sietsema – Village Voice – Fette Sau BBQ – Williamsburg, NY

Here’s a nice piece from one of my favorite food critics Robert Sietsema on Fette Sau BBQ from the Village Voice. It’s nice to see an evening in the life of someone who really appreciates good BBQ.

You have to check out the photo from the piece. Per the article, the photo above is “(clockwise from top left): pulled pork, sausage, tongue pastrami, pork belly (thin strip), pork chop, beef brisket.” You can see the usual suspects, but you don’t often see tongue pastrami or pork belly on your usual BBQ joint menu.

Here’s the menu board from the article too. Really shows the incredibly diverse menu the Fette Sau brings.

I’ve only heard great things from my friends that live in Brooklyn or New York about Fette Sau (and Robert calls it the best BBQ in NYC). I know it’ll be my first stop when I head out there in the near future (and I’ll definitely be trying the Heritage Farm Wagyu Cheeks).

If you’re in the area, you can find the joint here:


See them on facebook here

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Review – Spring Street Smoke House – Los Angeles

I had been meaning to stop by Spring Street Smoke House in Los Angeles (actually it’s right on the edge of Chinatown) for a long time now. Back in November of last year they catered an event at my parent’s house in the San Fernando Valley and we were all incredibly impressed.

So with this past Saturday free to go BBQ hunting, I headed over to see first hand what their joint was all about.


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Store Bought BBQ Sauce Standoff – Bon Appetit

I’ve been following the articles from Julia Bainbridge (Bon Appetit) for a little while now. Today, (via Yahoo!) they ran another one of her Supermarket Standoffs. This one was where they took a survey of what consumers felt was the best store-bought BBQ sauce.

Amongst hundreds of entries they narrowed it down to three. Here they are:

1. Kraft Original
2. Stubbs Original
3. KC Masterpiece Original

I don’t generally buy sauces from the supermarket these days as I’ve become friends with so many BBQ sauce makers, but would be interested in know what others thought about this list. Send me your feedback.

Julia’s done a number of other standoffs. Check them out here:

Bottled Ranch Dressing
Ice Cream Sandwiches

Follow Julia on twitter here
See more of her work at Bon Appetit here

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Backyard BBQ Concert with Dave Matthews

Just found this interesting. If you’re a Dave Matthews fan and want to see him up close and very personal (and have an unlimited amount of funds), you’re in luck. He’s doing a private concert (it’s a concert and BBQ) in Hidden Hills, CA on August 22nd at the home of Kim and Rob Cavallo (Rob produced one of Dave’s albums).

Tickets start at $ 1,000.00 each, but if money isn’t an object, you’ll have the Dave Matthews experience of a lifetime. The proceeds raised from the concert will go toward Heschel West’s Tuition Assistance program, which provides need-based scholarship to students. You can find more information about the concert here.

For that sort of price you better also get some of the best brisket, pulled pork, and ribs you’ve ever had. You can still purchase tickets here.

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Forbes – The Quest For ‘Cue wanted to put the age old BBQ question to the test (who has the best BBQ) to Chef John Schenk, executive chef for the Strip House: Steak House Restaurants which have (6) locations across the US, for his recommendations of the best BBQ joints in the country.

He chose:
Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que – Henderson, NV
Goode Company – Houston, TX
Brown Bag BBQ – Naples, FL
Big Ed’s BBQ – Old Bridge, NJ
The Smoke Joint, Brooklyn, NY

One thing I really like about his choices is that he didn’t hit the usual spots you’d think of in putting together a list of best BBQ joints. He did pop in a couple of chains, which some might look at as blasphemy, but as always, this kind of exercise involves someone’s taste, which of course is different from one to the next. What do you think of this list?

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Barrel No 51 Mobile BBQ Truck – Tacoma, WA

I’m always excited when there’s a mobile BBQ truck roaming the streets. I live in a city north of Los Angeles that has seemed to ban all mobile food trucks of any kind, but a BBQ truck would be extremely well received up here, or anywhere really, as long as it had quality BBQ.

The New Tribune out of Tacoma, WA did a piece about Barrel No 51 Mobile BBQ Truck.

From what I can tell from their website and facebook page, they are a family run business that takes pride in their BBQ and sauces.

They are generally here or American Lake Park.

You can also check out their twitter here feed for updated locations

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New BBQ Joint – Rub BBQ Company – Chicago, IL

Rub BBQ Company, not to be confused with Paul Kirk’s Rub BBQ (Righteous Urban Barbecue) in New York, or RUB BBQ Pub in Detroit, is the new kid on the block in what seems to be a growing number of new BBQ joints cropping up in Chicago.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Pang

Jared and Amanda Leonard, veterans of the catering business, not only look like incredible people and parents, but appear to be doing their BBQ right.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Pang

From Chicago Magazine, Jared says “All the barbecue at Rub takes a 14-ingredient dry rub and then goes in the smoker. We have a custom-built smoker. It’s an oven built by Imperial. We’ve added a smoking box to the side. Ribs spend four hours smoking, pulled pork eight to ten, and brisket twelve”

They also are making scratch made house sausage, beans and custard filled cornbread. Looks like good things are in their (and their neighborhood’s) future.

You can find them here:


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New Joint – Big Bellys BBQ – Tempe, AZ

Per the Phoenix New Times, former defensive end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Bryan Proby, opened up Big Bellys BBQ in Tempe, AZ last month.

The joint specializes in “his own ‘unorthodox,’ secret-recipe barbecue: ribs, brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, hot links” and is only open Monday through Friday.

Check them out here:

480 921-1990

If you happen to stop in shoot us an email with some photos and a review. We’re interested to see how it is.

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Best BBQ in Los Angeles – Huffington Post

So here’s a top ten list (OK, it’s actually a top eleven list) I can get my head around since it’s in my neck of the woods and I’ve been to 90% of these. The Huffington Post ran their list of the Best BBQ in Los Angeles. I’ll reserve judgement and let the list stand on it’s own (even though I’m itchin’ to add some to this list).

Bludso’s BBQ – Compton, CA
Bigmista’s Barbecue – Glendale, CA
JNJ Burger & Barbeque – Los Angeles, CA
Phillip’s Bar-B-Q – Los Angeles, CA
Baby Blues BBQ – Venice, CA / West Hollywood, CA
Woody’s Bar-B-Que – Los Angeles, CA
Zeke’s Smokehouse - West Hollywood, CA
J.R.’s Bar-B-Que – Culver City, CA
Boneyard Bistro – Sherman Oaks, CA
Dr. Hogly Wogly’s Tyler Texas – Van Nuys, CA
Mom’s Bar-B-Q House – Van Nuys, CA

Let us know what you think.

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