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Tollie’s Barbecue – Arlington, Texas

The Star-Telegram did a short piece on Tollie’s Barbecue in Arlington, Texas.

Photo Courtesy Star-Telgram/Richard W. Rodriguez

From the article by Teresa Gubbins, “The meat: Brisket is usually the barbecue standard, and the slices here had a promising black crust and smoky flavor. But the meat was dry and rather tough. You might not mind it if you’re phobic about the presence of fat, because it has none. However, if you believe, as many barbecue fans do, that a little fat adds tenderness and flavor, then the Tollie’s version will leave you dry. St. Louis-style ribs — thickly cut with more meat on the bone than the usual rib — were a Tollie’s pick. The edges of the meat were a bit dry, giving them an almost jerkylike chew, but the meat retained some moistness and a tangy hamlike flavor. Smaller baby-back ribs had a blackened crust with plenty of smoke and salt, but there wasn’t much meat on the bone; it seemed like they’d been left in the smoker too long.”

It appears that Tollie’s is doing the BBQ from the “many regions menu” that a lot of BBQ Joints do to cover their bases. From Teresa’s write-up, it does appear that they have overextended their BBQ a bit, but I do have to say that the rib photo looks pretty mouth-watering. It just recently opened so I’m sure they are working out the kinks. I haven’t been yet, but would love to hear from those who have.

Check them out here:

Phone – 817-819-5797

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  1. We go to Tollies a couple of times a month and take home extra for later. It’s always been a pleasure to go there, the casual atmosphere is relaxing. The wait staff has gotten 100% better since they opened and the food is always delicicous and juicy. I personally like the house chips and beans along with the chopped beef. I will be honest and only on one occassion did I experience overcooked meat but then we went to Chili’s a few weeks ago and experienced a rancid meat plate. So it happens. Give them a shot, you’ll be pleased.

    Comment by Kerry D — July 31, 2011 @ 7:34 am

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