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The Best of New York’s BBQ – Photos – Daniel Krieger

If you’ve followed me for even a short period of time you’ll know I’m a sucker for BBQ pics. I really can’t get enough of them so you can imagine how happy I was to stumble upon Daniel Krieger’s photo assignment on the Best BBQ Joints in New York. These really insane BBQ pics from an extremely talented photographer. I’ve put links to the joints featured so you can check out the joints if you’re so inspired.

Photo of Hill Country Barbecue courtesy of Daniel Krieger

Photo of Fette Sau courtesy of Daniel Krieger

Here are the joints featured:
Hill Country Barbecue
Char No. 4
Virgil’s BBQ
The Smoke Joint
Mo Gridders BBQ
Dinosaur Bar B Que
Rack & Soul
Blue Smoke
Daisy Mays BBQ
Fette Sau
Legends Bar & Grill

See the rest of the killer BBQ photos here

He’s put together a really good list with the photos to back it up (one place, Char No. 4 is a little fine dining and less BBQ, but they do have some great BBQ items) . Let us know what you think of the list or if you’ve been to any of these.

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