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Cripple Creek Barbeque – Kickstarter

I’ve been following the goings on of Cripple Creek Barbeque for a while now and have gotten to know one of the owners John Lynch. He’s a great guy who has a strong passion for his company, their sauces and rub, and believes in a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy that’s nice to see these days.

Recently I noticed that he was involved with Kickstarter, a company I had vaguely heard of, but didn’t know anyone that had a project going with them, until now. John explained “The premise behind Kickstater is that people “pledge” money to your project and at the end, IF you have gotten ALL of your goal then you get the money. IF you haven’t reached your goal you get nothing. No one get’s charged until the end of the project and the goal has been reached.”

Seems like a great idea. It’s an easy, inexpensive way of helping out a small company or person with a good idea. What’s cool about Kickstarter is you can pledge as little as $ 5.00 and in the case of Cripple Creek, they offer different incentive pledge levels (i.e. you will get some cool CCB swag as well as an entire meal’s menu written by John with recipes and wine or beer paring if you pledge $ 150.00).

Their ultimate goal is to raise $7,500 of which as of today they are at $2,365 with 65 days to go. So what do they intend to do with the money? “Our intention with the money is to buy more bottles, lids, ingredients and do some advertising.” Seems like something I’d want to help out with.

They have four different types of sauces and one spice rub. You can see them here:
Carmalized Onion
Roasted Garlic
All Purpose Spice Rub

If you want to learn more, see some videos about their company, and pledge to assist them go here

Here’s more information about Cripple Creek Barbeque from John, “We started in January of ’09, after some convincing from my wife that my sauce was good enough to sell. We got our name from a reclamation project in Washington State. There is a Cripple Creek, that had some flow issues from road construction, they added a culvert and re-established an almost extinct salmon run. That fit in with our view of the environment, sustainability, and taking care of our “neighborhood”. We are a “mom and Pop” company that does all our own bottling, spice blending and labeling (in an approved kitchen!! you’d be surprised how often this comes up)”.

So if you’re into BBQ or just want to help out a small company, head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge even a small amount. They’ll definitely appreciate it and put it to good use in building their company and brand.

Check out the Cripple Creek Blog here
Check them out on Facebook here
Follow them on Twitter here

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