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New BBQ Joint – Chicago Q – Chicago, IL – Steve Dolinsky

Steve Dolinsky, Food Reporter for ABC 7 Chicago, always writes about amazing food happenings in Chicago as well as around the country. You should definitely follow him on twitter or at the very least read his Adventures in Urban Eating blog.

On Friday he did a write-up about a new BBQ Joint in Chicago called Chicago Q. It’s one of the many upscale “urban” BBQ joints that are cropping up in big cities across the country (it does seem though that Chicago is having a BBQ renaissance at this time with the large number of joints opening up all at once).

Photo courtesy of Steve Dolinsky

One thing that may peak a number of hard core BBQ aficionados is who is the chef partner behind this venture, none other than Lee Ann Whippen. Lee Ann runs the Wood Chicks BBQ team, owns the restaurant Wood Chicks BBQ, and was a featured competitor on the first season of BBQ Pitmasters. From Steve’s article, “Lee Ann Whippen masters her shoulder and butts as well as anyone else in town. The Virginia-based competition barbequer recently opened up Chicago q in the Gold Coast, and like Lillie’s Q in Bucktown, is going for the “urban barbeque” vibe – nice booze, good music, comfortable chairs and a dining room that could only have been pulled off by a serious interior decorator.”

Photo courtesy of Steve Dolinsky

“Whippen has a pair of enormous Southern Pride smokers in the back, cranking out two types of ribs (her “competition” version is more expensive, but damn good) as well as the aforementioned brisket and pork. Sides are also made with care, including hearty beans embedded with bits of brisket, and a mac and cheese as gooey and rich as anywhere in town.”

Photo courtesy of Steve Dolinsky

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You can see the entire write up here
You can see the dinner menu here

Check out the joint here:

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