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Dowd’s BBQ & Southern Cuisine – Tacoma, Washington

I was reading this article in The News Tribune about Dowd’s BBQ & Southern Cuisine which just opened in August. What made me most interested was that it is nestled inside a 76 Gas Station. I’ve become a fan of tiny restaurants inside of gas stations because one of the best mexican restaurants near my office is inside a 76 Gas Station. I don’t even think it has an actual name, but I actually salivate thinking about their Mexico City style tacos.

Photo courtesy of Sue Kidd

The article from Sue Kidd wasn’t showed that Dowd’s had some kinks to work out service-wise, however she writes, “But you may forgive them for being s-l-o-w once you taste the pork ribs. Ribs taste sublime when cooked properly, and Dowd’s understands how to smoke pork: slow and low. The ribs were juicy with a tender bite. The supple pork slid right off the bone with little nudging. Tinged with pink, the meat was subtly smoky underneath a vinegary molasses sauce. It was a bargain at $6.99, which included baked beans and potato salad.”

Photo courtesy of Sue Kidd

The BBQ looks heavily sauced from the photos (and the article leans this way too), which most times makes me suspect that they are trying to hide something, but in speaking with the owner personally, I found they are going the low and slow route with a ten and half foot custom smoker that he custom built himself. He made direct mention that his brisket was being done “the way they do in Texas” which on the surface makes me very interested to try it. Brisket is the barometer for me, so if you’ve been here (or stop by in the near future), let me know what you think and shoot me over some photos too.

You can read the piece here

So if you need some gas and some BBQ you can check Dowd’s out here:

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