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New BBQ Joint – Gatlin’s Barbecue – Houston, Texas

I have my local correspondent Gail from furnishings international to thank for the heads up on the article in the Houston Chronicle about a new joint called Gatlin’s Barbecue. Allison Cook, the author of the piece, says “Gatlin’s is a new Houston barbecue classic.”

Photo courtesy of Melissa Phillip – Houston Chronicle

The article goes into great detail about pitmaster Charles Clark’s techniques as well as overall restaurant vibe. It reads, “To my pleasure, I found that the lean brisket was still moist enough, the fatty brisket meltingly supple and the smoke flavor quiet but insistent. With the toasty bread, pickled chile and savory onion, the sandwich really required no sauce.” That makes me hungry just reading this. She adds later, “the holy Texas trinity of brisket, ribs and sausage seem wonderfully reliable here.”

Photo courtesy of Melissa Phillip – Chronicle

Allison writes further, “He takes his time. Which is what good barbecue is all about. So don’t come here expecting a quick turnaround. Service is methodical; even slow.” You’ve got to read the article yourself (check it here), but since I’m a huge fan of dirty rice, this little paragraph really got to me. “Gatlin’s dirty rice was actually dirty, which is to say it had the requisite liver-y, giblet-y funk. It was neither shy nor polite. It promised good things on which the fledgling mom-pop-and-son restaurant proceeded to deliver.”

Now a fan of Allison Cook’s writing, I found she has a blog. Read it here, it’ll make you hungry.

Check out Gatlin’s Barbecue yourself here:

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New BBQ Joint – Dawg Gone Good BBQ – Athens, Georgia

It seems like there are new BBQ joints cropping up all over the country at a clip of one or two a week. Thanks to Online Athens for pointing out a new joint opening this week in downtown Athens, Georgia, called Dawg Gone Good BBQ.

Photo courtesy of Richard Hamm

Per the article owner B. J. Hardy “plans to barbecue pork ribs, chicken, pork butts (for pulled pork) and sausages as his meats, all which will be finished out on a charcoal cooker in a shed he built next to the small shop his business will occupy.” One thing that’s a first (for me at least) is that Hardy is converting his salon into a BBQ joint. Wonder how often that happens.

Read the piece here. If you get a chance to check it out, please let me know as it sounds interesting.

Find it here:

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Phone – 706-207-6562

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New BBQ Joint – Sawmill Barbeque – Cahokia, Illinois

I have to thank Adam Claypool from Metromix St. Louis for pointing out Sawmill Barbeque in Cahokia, Illinois. Hadn’t heard of it yet and from the reviews (see below) online it seems like a winner for the St. Louis area.

Photo courtesy Adam Claypool, Metromix

Their menu looks great (however I have no idea what their version of the BLT is). You can check out their menu here. One impressive thing I noticed was their saying that they do run out of meat due to high demand, so they apologize in advance for this. Sounds like some places in Texas I know of.

Photo courtesy Adam Claypool, Metromix

This review from CitySearch says this joint is “By far the best BBQ in St. Louis…It’s even better than Pappy’s!”. Better than Pappy’s Smoke House? That’s a bold statement. If you’ve been to Sawmill Barbeque, let us know what you think.

Read the little blurb/review here

Find it here:

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New BBQ Joint – Real Urban BBQ – Highland Park, Illinois

From the mouth of comes news that there’s a new BBQ Joint that opened November 12th in Highland Park, Illinois called Real Urban BBQ.

From Real Urban’s website, “After a lifetime of running Chicago’s finest restaurants, Jeff Shapiro brings his passion to life! It all started here in Highland Park, at the original Stash’s over 34 years ago. During this period Jeff has developed concepts, menus, recipes and an obsession for BBQ. The obsession has caused him to travel through the Midwest, the Carolinas, Kansas, Kentucky and Tennessee. The BBQ fever also caused Jeff to start competing in the BBQ circuit. After developing a bbq team called Dr. Deckle & Mr. Hide and getting some trophies and recognition, it was time! So after extensive research on developing sauces and rubs, we strive to bring you the best Real Urban Barbecue.”

(A blurry shot, but nonetheless you can tell that’s a great batch of pork shoulders smoking away).

Since it’s brand new I don’t have any feedback on the BBQ, but if you’ve been, please let me know what you think and I’ll post the details.

Find them on facebook here

Find it here:

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Wednesday Wit – Man Caught Smuggling BBQ

Dallas, TX – November 17, 2010 – Airport screening technology came in handy Tuesday when officials at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport caught a man trying to smuggle BBQ out of Texas.

Luckily, local BBQ aficionado John Stevenson was about to board a Southwest Airlines flight to Las Vegas in the adjacent terminal and was brought in to identify the contraband. “From what I could tell, it appeared he had a complete fully cooked brisket as well as beef ribs beneath his clothing. We knew he wasn’t from these parts as no one in Texas would dare use BBQ sauce on a perfectly smoked brisket.” A full bottle of sauce was found taped to his midsection, but it was unclear if this was going to be used on the BBQ in question.

Authorities confirmed that trying to take BBQ out of Texas was not a crime, but felt “it was just the wrong thing to do” and that “Texas BBQ should stay in Texas, simple as that”. A “Don’t Mess with Texas” was heard muttered in the background, but it appeared to be coming from a man standing by a nearby magazine rack.

At press time authorities still had the man detained for further questioning.

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Lockhart Texas BBQ – The Daytripper with Chet Garner

The Daytripper, Chet Garner, (seen on KLRU-TV, Austin PBS) hits up the four big BBQ Joints in Lockhart, Texas is known for.

Watch the full episode. See more The Daytripper.

Check them out yourself:
Smitty’s Market
Black’s Barbecue
Kreuz Market
Chisholm Trail Bar-BQ

Follow Chet on facebook here
Follow him on twitter here
Check out his YouTube videos here

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New BBQ Joint – The House of Q – Sioux City, Iowa

Per the Sioux City Journal The House of Q opens today in Transit Plaza. What was formally a mobile BBQ truck now has a more permanent location.

Here’s their menu. It seems like a mix of BBQ from many regions mixed with a number of items you wouldn’t find at most joints. Case in point, Big D’s Loaded Tater which is a baked potato loaded with butter, sauteed onions and mushrooms, pulled pork, and cheddar cheese.

Per the article the owner, Derek Lochne, “describes his food as an amalgam of Kansas City, Texas and Memphis styles of barbecue tweaked with his own touches.” Sounds interesting and it’s nice to have a BBQ Joint in an area that wasn’t big on BBQ or even had many within miles.

Follow them on facebook here
See the article here

Check them out here:

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Baby Back Blues Bar-B-Q – Plainfield, Illinois

Sarah Adamson from the Plainfield, IL Patch wrote a great piece on Baby Back Blues Bar-B-Q based in Plainfield, Illinois. I’ve had several people write me saying I should stop by when I’m in Illinois and that I MUST try the ribs. I’ve heard it’s tucked away in a strip mall, but is turning out BBQ that would rival some of the best across the country (again, I haven’t been, but this is what the emails have said).

Photo courtesy of Sarah Adamson

She has a great quote from a Marine from Oklahoma, who was carrying out BBQ, “I’ve eaten barbecue all over the south,” he said, “and this place has the best I’ve ever tasted anywhere. It reminds me of The Shed in Mississippi.”

Photo courtesy of Sarah Adamson

Let me know if you’ve been and what you think. You can check the entire story here

You can find this joint here:

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Barnes BBQ – Lemon Grove, California

There’s a great little piece by Corky Lang from the LemonGrove Patch on a BBQ Joint called Barnes BBQ in Lemon Grove, California. A joint Corky defines as ‘Memphis-meets-Texas’.

Photo courtesy of Susan L. Wolf

The photos show BBQ this is really smothered in sauce, but Corky explains in the article, “The big plate held three large pork ribs, along with a mound of very lean beef brisket and an equal amount of pulled pork. All were liberally doused with the house sauce: spicy sweet with a little kick. I know sauce is a personal matter, but for me this was perfect. The southern style wood-smoked pork ribs, thinly sliced brisket, and succulent fall-apart pulled pork shoulder were all delicious. The homemade beans and slaw matched up well to the meats.”

Photo courtesy of Susan L. Wolf

It actually sounds like an interesting joint and as I have a San Diego BBQ trip scheduled for the next couple of months due to the larger number of joints cropping up south of Orange County, California, I know that this will be on my list (so a personal review will shortly follow). As an aside, I went to college at San Diego State University and for us (my friends and I), at the time, Lemon Grove was the only place to hit up an In-N-Out Burger within 100 miles, so it’s nice to see Lemon Grove is now on the map for being a meat eaters oasis and not just a long drive for a Double Double).

You can read the entire piece here. If you’ve been please let me know what you think.

Check it out here:

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Best Barbecue in Los Angeles via CBS Los Angeles

Congrats to Neil Strawder of Bigmista’s Barbecue for making the list of Best BBQ in Los Angeles by CBS Los Angeles. Since he always on the move, catering and serving his BBQ at Farmer’s Markets (to sold out crowds) around the city you can see where you can catch him next here.

Photo courtesy of Neil Strawder – Bigmista’s Barbecue

Here’s the rest of their list:

J N J Burger and Bar-B-Q
Kansas City BBQ Company
Park’s Barbeque
(I know Park’s Barbeque is Korean BBQ, not low and slow, but it is probably the best in the city for that style of BBQ)
Phillips Barbecue

Check out the story here

I know you’re dying to give your favorites. If you had to make a list, what would be your top 5 BBQ Joints in Los Angeles?

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