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Heirloom Market BBQ – New BBQ Joint – Alanta, Georgia

Nice ‘first look’ at a new BBQ Joint in Atlanta, Georiga by Access Atlanta called Heirloom Market BBQ

Photo courtesy of Becky Stein – Special

Heirloom Market BBQ is the brainchild of Cody Taylor (self anointed as a Hillbilly chef who found a passion for BBQ) and Jiyeon Lee (who describes herdeep connection to new found flavors was formed, but her desire to bring the culture and heritage of Korea’s cuisine to the forefront of the gastronomical world only grew stronger).

They are smoking their meats on two different Pitmaker BBQ vaults (Texas and Georgia) using Pecan and Red Oak (for the Texas) and Hickory and Fruitwood (on the Georgia)

Their menu includes brisket, pulled pork, baby backs ribs, St. Louis ribs, chicken, smoked sausage, and turkey breast.

Here are their sauces:
Settler Sauce -Carolina Style, Vinegar, Peppers
Table Sauce -Tennessee Style, Smokey, Sweet
Kitchen Sauce-Texas Style, Spicey, Served Warm
Green Sauce – not sure what this one is

Photo of co-owner Cody Taylor with Vencil Mares from The Taylor Cafe

Let me know if you get a chance to stop by as I am positive you’ll leave with a one of a kind BBQ meal. You can check out the entire article here

You can find it here:

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  1. My opinion is that it’s the best I’ve had so far!

    Comment by Keith — June 8, 2011 @ 11:07 am

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