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American Ice Co. – New BBQ Joint – Washington, DC

Thanks to We Love DC for the scoop on the opening of the new BBQ joint in Washington, DC called American Ice Co.. DC has some great joints already with Capital Q, The Rib Pit, and Rocklands and from what I’ve been hearing, American Ice Co. should be serving quality BBQ along with a great drink selection.

Photo courtesy of Jenn Larsen

Since it’s so new (was supposed to open on December 15th), please shoot over reviews and first impressions. You can read the entire story here

Head over to the new joint here:

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Pappy’s Smokehouse – Best Restaurant – Student Life Newspaper

It’s no shock to see that Pappy’s Smokehouse in St. Louis, MO won the Best Restaurant from Student Life, the independent newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis, since it’s really a must to location for anyone passing through St. Louis.

Photo courtesy of Marc Cenedella

From the article, “Pappy’s is the single best meal you can get in St. Louis. By far the best barbeque I have ever had. It’s all about the ribs,” said senior Adam Savaglio, a frequent diner.

Here’s some additional information from owner Mike “Smokey” Emerson (the BBQ guru). “We prepare delicious, juicy Memphis Style BBQ daily using only the best ingredients. We start by slow smoking our meats from 4-14 hours over apple or cherry wood and finish them off with a selection of three delicious sauces and your choice of sides all prepared fresh in house.”

Here are their sauces:
PAPPY’S ORIGINAL- the classic, tangy with a kick
SWEET BABY JANE – in honor of Mike’s granddaughter and as sweet as Jane herself
HOLLY’S HOT SAUCE -Texas style hot sauce, muy caliente

If you want some additional video footage of Pappy’s see it here:

See the story here. If you’ve been let me know. If you haven’t been, you really should.

Find this incredible joint here:

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John Mueller BBQ – Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ Contest

Here’s a quick post to show the brisket (and ensuing meal) received by John Mueller for the Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ Contest from a few weeks ago:

Complete blog post on entire meal and delivery of brisket forthcoming.

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Not Your Normal Place to Find BBQ – Memphis Airport

Taylor Mathis is not only a great photographer as is showcased in his Taylor Takes a Taste website, but he also has a dream job that takes him all over the country (and what I’m most jealous of are the restaurants, especially BBQ joints, he stops at).

Recently he combined all of his BBQ trips onto one page to make it easy for you to droll over your keyboard without as many mouse clicks or searching. You can see that here.

Here’s a photo of a pulled pork sandwich he had at Jim-Neelys-Interstate-Bar-B-Que in the Memphis airport that made me want to book a flight immediately:

Check out his BBQ area and let me know what you think.

See him on facebook here

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AAA Travel Views – Texas BBQ Trail

AAA Travel View, the blog for AAA, did a piece entitled The Texas BBQ Trail.

Black’s Barbecue courtesy of Full Custom Gospel BBQ

They asked three of their ‘AAA inspectors’ for their favorite choices in Texas. Here are the choices:

Sonny Bryans Smokehouse BBQ – “The Original” – Dallas, TX
Angelo’s Barbecue – Fort Worth, TX
Baker’s Ribs – Weatherford, TX
Black’s Barbecue – Lockhart, TX
Kreuz Market – Lockhart, TX
The Salt Lick – Driftwood, TX
The County Line – Austin, TX
Texas Pride Barbecue – San Antonio, TX
Van’s – Oakville, TX
Joe Cotten’s Barbeque – Robstown, TX

I’m not from Texas, but I know that this list is WAY off the mark. There’s definitely some good joints in the mix, but I’m pretty sure that Daniel at Full Custom Gospel BBQ and Drew at Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ would take umbrage at this list.

Texas Pride Barbecue courtesy of Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ

Which joints do you feel should have made the list and which ones on this list should be thrown off?

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Buck’s Roadside BBQ – Auburn, Massachusetts – New BBQ Joint

There’s a new BBQ Joint in Auburn, Massachusetts called Buck’s Roadside BBQ.

Thanks to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette for clueing me in. From the article, co-owner Al Remillard “makes what he calls Yankee BBQ. We haven’t had any complaints from people who love their barbecue. Some of our customers who like Texas-style barbecue tell us that Buck’s barbecue is as good as they ever had.”


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Slows To Go – Detroit, Michigan – New BBQ Joint

Great. If it’s not bad enough I’m 2,400 miles away from Slows Bar-B-Q in Detroit, Michigan, but they are now opening up a Slows To Go next Monday (the 13th of December) a couple of miles away.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

We are close; so close I can almost smell it. So close I’m about to walk right into it. At long last, SLOWS TO GO is almost ready to go. I know. It’s about time isn’t it?

Here’s the scoop from their newly launched blog:


SLOWS TO GO, located at the corner of Alexandrine and Cass Avenue in Detroit’s thriving Midtown district will soon be available as your go to answer for barbecue TO GO. This place is built to kick out some seriously large amounts of delectable, flavorful, some say over-the-top Detroit barbecue, SLOWS style. Over the Top like Sly in that sweet movie of the same name.

I’m putting together some new menu items that will only be available at SLOWS TO GO. We are planning on bringing some specials on line once we are up and running. If you didn’t know, our ability to add menu items at SLOWS BAR BQ has been limited by a small kitchen and your demand (THANK YOU!). Now we can stretch out in our new kitchen at SLOWS TO GO. That’s exciting.

Stick with us; I know it has been a long wait. The time is nearly here. Thanks for your patience and support.

Chef Brian”

Photo courtesy of Blog

It’s a great idea and will be a sure hit the moment it opens. Slows to Go will be open from 11AM to 8 PM every day of the week. Let me know if you get a chance to stop by next week so I can continue to be jealous.

Check it out here:

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Heirloom Market BBQ – New BBQ Joint – Alanta, Georgia

Nice ‘first look’ at a new BBQ Joint in Atlanta, Georiga by Access Atlanta called Heirloom Market BBQ

Photo courtesy of Becky Stein – Special

Heirloom Market BBQ is the brainchild of Cody Taylor (self anointed as a Hillbilly chef who found a passion for BBQ) and Jiyeon Lee (who describes herdeep connection to new found flavors was formed, but her desire to bring the culture and heritage of Korea’s cuisine to the forefront of the gastronomical world only grew stronger).

They are smoking their meats on two different Pitmaker BBQ vaults (Texas and Georgia) using Pecan and Red Oak (for the Texas) and Hickory and Fruitwood (on the Georgia)

Their menu includes brisket, pulled pork, baby backs ribs, St. Louis ribs, chicken, smoked sausage, and turkey breast.

Here are their sauces:
Settler Sauce -Carolina Style, Vinegar, Peppers
Table Sauce -Tennessee Style, Smokey, Sweet
Kitchen Sauce-Texas Style, Spicey, Served Warm
Green Sauce – not sure what this one is

Photo of co-owner Cody Taylor with Vencil Mares from The Taylor Cafe

Let me know if you get a chance to stop by as I am positive you’ll leave with a one of a kind BBQ meal. You can check out the entire article here

You can find it here:

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Gus’s BBQ – South Pasadena, California

Great article on Gus’s BBQ in the South Pasadena Patch. I’ve been to Gus’s several times and have never been dissapointed. Chris and John Bicos have really been able to keep the original charm of the restaurant (this is a 60 year old establishment) while at the same time bringing low and slow BBQ (they use a blend of hickory and apple wood) to the South Pasadena faithful.

Photo courtesy of Katharine Ballas

There’s not many ways you can go wrong with your BBQ choices at Gus’s, but my favorites are the brisket and baby back ribs…and I do really love their pulled pork. You can see for yourself what a wide array of menu options you have here.

Photo courtesy of Joe Taglieri

Let me know what you think of Gus’s in South Pasadena or if you have another joint in that area that you like better. You can see the entire story here

Follow Gus’s on facebook here
They are on twitter here

Take a taste of their BBQ here:

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