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Barbecue and American Culture: Fire in the Hole – The Economist

A friend of mine pointed out great article in The Economist in mid December titled Barbecue and American: Fire in the hole. It’s a great read for anyone that is a fan of real barbecue and how the world of barbecue is changing and progressing.

From the article, “IT IS a noun, not a verb. You do not barbecue meat; you smoke it until it becomes barbecue. And it is not a meal so much as a meditative process, perched somewhere between science and art, dependent on reserves of judgment. The science lies in building a fire that will smoulder steadily without flaring, and in constructing a vessel that will bathe the meat in smoke without subjecting it to too much heat. The art lies in the butchering and seasoning. The judgment comes in knowing precisely when a cooking process that may last as long as 18 or 24 hours should end. Barbecue is the art of turning tough cuts tender (“Need no teef to eat my beef” is a popular boast among smokemasters). None of these facts brook disagreement, but here the unity ends.”

The only joint specifically mentioned in the article is Blue Smoke in New York City.

Photo of Blue Smoke courtesy of Daniel Krieger

You can see the piece here. Would love to know what you think about it.

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