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Saw’s BBQ – gas-tron-o-my

If you haven’t checked out the blog gas-tron-o-my yet, you’re really missing out. The write ups are witty and descriptive, the photos are really top notch, and she goes to BBQ Joints from time to time (what else can you ask for). Also the blog’s headline is “My husband likes Astronomy. I prefer Gastronomy.”

For the last restaurant visit of 2010 they (Cathy and her husband) went to Saw’s BBQ in Birmingham, Alabama, which is a joint I’ve been wanting to hit for a little while now.

Photo courtesy of gas-tron-o-my

Photo courtesy of gas-tron-o-my

If you’ve been there please shoot me an email to let me know what you think. You can check out the blog here. There’s a huge amount of reviews of restaurants all over the south.

Find Saw’s BBQ here:

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