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Lillie’s Q – Chicago, IL – Now Offering Whole Hog

Renee Barone from Gapers Block wrote a piece on Lillie’s Q in Chicago, IL that caught my eye. They are now offering whole hog. As many of you know, there are only certain BBQ joints that offer this across the country.

Photo of pulled pork sandwich from Lillie’s Q courtesy of Grub Street Chicago

Here’s the scoop directly from the article:
“For $325, six to eight people can act as judges, as Chef McKenna will prep and present a 25-30 pound locally sourced hog. He’ll start with his 15 ingredient “Carolina Dirt” rub (which should be noted is on the fries) and then smoke the hog for 10 hours.

Chef McKenna will present everything tableside before returning to the kitchen to cut the different parts of the hog and then re-presenting the cut meat. If you have questions feel free to ask! Chef McKenna will do a little Q&A while presenting.

All of the smoked whole hog dinners will feature the following parts of the hog:
* Ham (pulled)
* Belly/”bacon” (pulled)
* Shoulder (pulled)
* Tenderloin (cut)
* skin/”bark” (cut)
* natural juices from the whole smoked hog as a dipping sauce”

Read the entire piece here
Just realized that Kevin Pang from the Chicago Tribune did a piece on this too. You should check this out for sure as it is really detailed and has a nice play by play photo essay. See it here

You can see the review from my blog here of Lillie’s Q

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