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Peckinpah BBQ – New BBQ Joint – Vancouver, BC

I haven’t been to Vancouver, British Columbia (or Canada for that matter) in about twenty years which is a shame just on it’s own, but now that I’ve realized how many great BBQ Joints there are north of the United States, my interest has peaked even further. Thanks to Metro – Vancouver for pointing out the new BBQ Joint Peckinpah BBQ in Vancouver.

From the article by Erin Ireland, “Beef Brisket ($14.50), smoked for 18 exquisite hours, was my lunch selection. The cooking process prevented me from having to chew much — the meat was juicy, tender, and almost went down too easily. A light and tangy chili vinegar sauce was sprinkled on top, allowing the smokey flavour to fully dominate my taste buds.”

Their menu looks like amazing and basically what you’d find at a ‘new’ US BBQ Joint, however you don’t see Buffalo Short Ribs and Bison Chile that often. You can see their menu here

You can read the entire piece here

There are two things I know after reading this. First off I need to get to Canada to try all of the incredible BBQ (seems real deal low and slow from west to east these days) and secondly I need to add Canada to my BBQ Joint search engine. Please let me know if you’ve been as I would love hear about it.

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  1. Your right Kevin, Canada does have some good BBQ Joints, And now I will be able to compare them when I drive down to Florida this week-end. It will be interesting to see the differences.

    Comment by Wilfred Reinke aka @Oshawa Ogre — January 19, 2011 @ 1:01 am

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