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Meat Week – January 30th – February 6th

Thanks to Capital Spice for clueing me into something that I feel I should have already know about. It’s called Meat Week (they did their piece on DC Meat Week). Are you serious? Even though that’s pretty much every week for me (ask Michelle), having a designated week to meat (BBQ) sounds quite glorious. Here’s the scoop on how it started:

Photo of Rocklands Belly Buster Plate

It was a hot winter’s day in Tallahassee Florida. Two bored co-workers, Chris Cantey and Erni Walker, sat in an office pretending to edit video footage of an insurance seminar. To take a break from the monotony of escrow lectures, they decided to play with the random word generator on Chris’s website. It summoned the holy combination of Meat-Week. They decided it would be a holiday during which BBQ was eaten every night of the week. It was scheduled for two Sundays later (the day after Sorcerer Day), which happened to be the last Sunday in January.

Here’s the info on the Meat Week in Washington, DC, but scroll down below to find links to your city (if they are involved)


Sunday, January 30
Urban Bar-B-Que
Rockville, MD

Monday, January 31
American Ice Company
Washington, DC

Tuesday, February 1
Pork Barrel BBQ at Mango Mike’s
Alexandria, VA

Wednesday, February 2
PORC (Purveyors of Rolling Cuisine) at Torries @ Wilson
Washington, DC

Thursday, February 3
Capital Q
Washington, DC

Friday, February 4
Rocklands Barbecue
Washington, DC

Saturday, February 5 – 1 PM
Mr. P’s Ribs and Fish
Washington, DC

Here are the cities that are participating (yes, that’s London, England):
Iowa City
Los Angeles
New York

So let me know if you are planning on attending a Meat Week your neck of the woods and after the week is up, I’d love to hear all about it. If I get a chance, I’ll try to hit up some of the nights in Los Angeles and get back to you guys. Also would love to know what you think of your city’s participating BBQ Joints (they are definitely ones that are missing from the list, but they may not have wanted to be involved this year).

You can read the entire article here

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