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BBQ Video – Barry Sorkin from Smoque BBQ – Chicago, IL

Smoque BBQ in Chicago, Illinois has been putting out consistent, quality BBQ for the four years (some claim that they are putting out the best Texas BBQ outside of Texas).

Photo courtesy of Full Custom Gospel BBQ

From their website, :Smoque (smōk) BBQ is a neighborhood kind of place that cooks up BBQ good enough to make it a true destination. It was created by five regular guys who happen to be passionate about food in general and BBQ in particular. We believe barbecue is at its best when all of its powerful flavors combine and harmonize. The natural flavors of the meat. The savory flavor of hardwood smoke. The spiciness of the rub. The sweetness or pungency of the sauce. When these elements are in balance, you have found BBQ heaven.”

One of the founding partners, Barry Sorkin, has three videos put out by jbresland that show his passion for BBQ and how they do things at Smoque. I think you’ll enjoy them:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Let me know if you’ve been and what you think of their BBQ. You can read their BBQ manifesto here

You can find Smoque here:

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