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Peckinpah BBQ – New BBQ Joint – Vancouver, BC

I haven’t been to Vancouver, British Columbia (or Canada for that matter) in about twenty years which is a shame just on it’s own, but now that I’ve realized how many great BBQ Joints there are north of the United States, my interest has peaked even further. Thanks to Metro – Vancouver for pointing out the new BBQ Joint Peckinpah BBQ in Vancouver.

From the article by Erin Ireland, “Beef Brisket ($14.50), smoked for 18 exquisite hours, was my lunch selection. The cooking process prevented me from having to chew much — the meat was juicy, tender, and almost went down too easily. A light and tangy chili vinegar sauce was sprinkled on top, allowing the smokey flavour to fully dominate my taste buds.”

Their menu looks like amazing and basically what you’d find at a ‘new’ US BBQ Joint, however you don’t see Buffalo Short Ribs and Bison Chile that often. You can see their menu here

You can read the entire piece here

There are two things I know after reading this. First off I need to get to Canada to try all of the incredible BBQ (seems real deal low and slow from west to east these days) and secondly I need to add Canada to my BBQ Joint search engine. Please let me know if you’ve been as I would love hear about it.

Follow them on twitter here
‘Like’ them on facebook here

You can find them here:

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Lillie’s Q – Chicago, IL – Now Offering Whole Hog

Renee Barone from Gapers Block wrote a piece on Lillie’s Q in Chicago, IL that caught my eye. They are now offering whole hog. As many of you know, there are only certain BBQ joints that offer this across the country.

Photo of pulled pork sandwich from Lillie’s Q courtesy of Grub Street Chicago

Here’s the scoop directly from the article:
“For $325, six to eight people can act as judges, as Chef McKenna will prep and present a 25-30 pound locally sourced hog. He’ll start with his 15 ingredient “Carolina Dirt” rub (which should be noted is on the fries) and then smoke the hog for 10 hours.

Chef McKenna will present everything tableside before returning to the kitchen to cut the different parts of the hog and then re-presenting the cut meat. If you have questions feel free to ask! Chef McKenna will do a little Q&A while presenting.

All of the smoked whole hog dinners will feature the following parts of the hog:
* Ham (pulled)
* Belly/”bacon” (pulled)
* Shoulder (pulled)
* Tenderloin (cut)
* skin/”bark” (cut)
* natural juices from the whole smoked hog as a dipping sauce”

Read the entire piece here
Just realized that Kevin Pang from the Chicago Tribune did a piece on this too. You should check this out for sure as it is really detailed and has a nice play by play photo essay. See it here

You can see the review from my blog here of Lillie’s Q

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Saw’s BBQ – gas-tron-o-my

If you haven’t checked out the blog gas-tron-o-my yet, you’re really missing out. The write ups are witty and descriptive, the photos are really top notch, and she goes to BBQ Joints from time to time (what else can you ask for). Also the blog’s headline is “My husband likes Astronomy. I prefer Gastronomy.”

For the last restaurant visit of 2010 they (Cathy and her husband) went to Saw’s BBQ in Birmingham, Alabama, which is a joint I’ve been wanting to hit for a little while now.

Photo courtesy of gas-tron-o-my

Photo courtesy of gas-tron-o-my

If you’ve been there please shoot me an email to let me know what you think. You can check out the blog here. There’s a huge amount of reviews of restaurants all over the south.

Find Saw’s BBQ here:

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Barbecue and American Culture: Fire in the Hole – The Economist

A friend of mine pointed out great article in The Economist in mid December titled Barbecue and American: Fire in the hole. It’s a great read for anyone that is a fan of real barbecue and how the world of barbecue is changing and progressing.

From the article, “IT IS a noun, not a verb. You do not barbecue meat; you smoke it until it becomes barbecue. And it is not a meal so much as a meditative process, perched somewhere between science and art, dependent on reserves of judgment. The science lies in building a fire that will smoulder steadily without flaring, and in constructing a vessel that will bathe the meat in smoke without subjecting it to too much heat. The art lies in the butchering and seasoning. The judgment comes in knowing precisely when a cooking process that may last as long as 18 or 24 hours should end. Barbecue is the art of turning tough cuts tender (“Need no teef to eat my beef” is a popular boast among smokemasters). None of these facts brook disagreement, but here the unity ends.”

The only joint specifically mentioned in the article is Blue Smoke in New York City.

Photo of Blue Smoke courtesy of Daniel Krieger

You can see the piece here. Would love to know what you think about it.

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Russ’ Ribs – Bristow, Oklahoma

I’ve gotten a few emails recently about Russ’ Ribs in Bristow, Oklahoma located on Route 66. People have been saying I need to visit to try their ribs, but especially their tri-tip. Did some research and found a story by NewsOn6 in Oklahoma.

I could only find their facebook page here, but you can read the piece and watch a video about Russ’ Ribs here to learn more. If you’ve been please let me know and pass on a review.

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King’s Hawaiian + Pork Barrel BBQ Sauce + Pulled Pork = Incredible

I hadn’t had King’s Hawaiian bread since I was a child, but recently I began following them on twitter and every time a tweet would be posted I would instantly crave their rolls. This gave me an idea. I was making pulled pork over the weekend, so why not create a sandwich with their rolls and some Pork Barrel BBQ sauce that I recently purchased. The combination sounded so ‘ono’.

Here’s the 12 pack of Original King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls I purchased and the ensuing photo essay from my King’s Hawaiian/Pork Barrel BBQ meal.


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Amy Mills – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 1

This is the first installment of a weekly feature for Kevin’s BBQ Joints where prominent individuals (BBQ or otherwise) provide a list of their favorite BBQ Joints (or simply joints they always have to hit when they travel around the country).

I was lucky enough to have Amy Mills as my first participant. The reigning 17th Street heiress, Amy is the barbecue go-to girl and a writer, restaurant consultant, television personality, brand, marketing and PR pro, and member of the Missouri Mafia. (The list of her joints and info on her company OnCue Consulting is at the bottom of this post)

Without further ado (always wanted to type that), here are Amy’s favorites:

Asking me to name my absolute favorite barbecue is like asking me to choose my favorite child. I love them both equally, although they’ll each claim I have a clear favorite! Also, I’ll inevitably leave out a name or two and for that, I apologize in advance.

While I am partial to my Daddy’s barbecue, I like and appreciate all kinds of barbecue and I have favorites all over the country. Instead of making sweeping statements, I’ll focus on a few of my favorite barbecue bites.

I’m in New York City almost every month. Blue Smoke is near and dear to my heart as Mike is a partner. Every visit to New York City includes an order of salt and pepper beef ribs, barbecue chips with bleu cheese dip, deviled eggs and one of the most outstanding macaroni & cheese dishes on the planet. This meal is accompanied by a Porch Swing (which gets its refreshing flavor from Hendrick’s gin and Pimm’s) or bourbon, neat. I have a huge soft spot for Dinosaur Bar-B-Que as well. Everything on the menu is good, but I’m usually in a drinking and snacking mode when I’m there. Tequila, wings, brisket and deviled eggs are downed in copious amounts. Hill Country Barbecue also means fabulous tequila — añejo, neat or in the form of Mayor of Lockhart margaritas made with spicy Serrano peppers and Don Julio blanco, shaken, and topped with sparkling wine along with requisite nibbles of brisket, corn pudding and cucumber salad. “The Legend” pork chop at Fatty ’Cue was sublime.

Hill Country Barbecue courtesy of Daniel Krieger

I travel to Memphis at least once a year and we head straight to Cozy Corner, where we’re welcomed like family by Desiree Robinson and her daughter, Val Bradley. I always have a bologna sandwich with slaw and their hot barbecue sauce and a Cornish game hen. Over near Nashville, on my way to The Jack, I like to stop at Jim n’ Nick’s in Smyrna for a platter of pimento cheese and sausage and Martin’s Bar-B-Que in Nolensville for a redneck taco.

Martin’s Bar-B-Que – Redneck Taco

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Smoke City Market – Van Nuys, CA – 2nd Visit

Had the chance to stop in again this week to pick up some more brisket, sausage, and turkey from Smoke City Market in Van Nuys, CA as I had been craving it since my visit with Calvin Lee. If you haven’t gone yet, you’re really missing out on some near spot on Texas BBQ.

Here are the new photos:

This second visit was just as good as my last (this time I added turkey to my choices and was very pleased with how moist it was).

You can see my original review (with tons of photos) from last week here

Here’s their location again:

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Barbecue Vending Machine – Tokyo, Japan

Japan always seems to be one step ahead of everyone when it comes to fads and crazes, so it seems apropos that they would be the first ones in the world to create a Barbecue Vending Machine.

This BBQ vending machine, found near Takadanobaba station in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo, was spotted by our Japan correspondent Devonsu. He said, “As I walked towards the train station I could smell the unmistakeable aroma of low and slow cooked meats. I had of course seen beer, cigarette, and food vending machines in Japan, but couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this.”

“I had to unfortunately rush to work, but noticed a man selecting the pork shoulder (this vending machine was serving brisket, pork shoulder, smoked prime rib, thick beef ribs, and strangely enough, prime cut steaks). The pork shoulder was lifted and cut with a robotic arm and dropped onto hot buns for sandwiches.”

“I knew that I would have to come back tomorrow to sample everything. What made me most happy was to see that Matsui, a hero of mine, was endorsing BBQ.”

So what do you think? Would you like to see this at your local mall or train station here the States?

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Terrell Davis – Mile High Salute – BBQ Sauce

Terrell Davis was an amazing running back for the Denver Broncos. He rushed for 2,008 yards in 1998 and although it seems like a while back, once you see footage of him again, you remember how incredible and versatile he was:

But he’s since retired and thanks to Bruce Goldberg at Biz Journals I now know what he’s up to. He’s created a BBQ sauce! Per the piece, “A lot of people with good taste buds in barbecue sauces definitely assisted me in creating this,” said Davis, who lives in San Diego but retains ties to Denver. “It came down to something I really like, and I think it’s the best-tasting sauce I’ve ever had.”

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

The sauce is called Terrell Davis’ “Mile High Salute” and per the article, “There are two flavors: regular and spicy. They come in 16-ounce bottles, with a suggested retail price of $3.99 each.” A portion of the profits will go to Terrell Davis’ charity.

You can purchase the sauce here
Read the entire piece here

Let me know if you’ve tired it as I’m very interested in knowing how it tastes.

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