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Meat Water – When “Just Plain Water” is Not Enough

Thanks to Monica Garske from AolNews for clueing me in to the next logical step in the world of designer water, Meat Water. Yes, meat water. Of course it would make the most sense to have a Texas BBQ Flavor. Here’s a shot of the bottle below:

Here’s the scoop on the BBQ flavor, “YEE-HAW! They got BBQ from St. Louis and Kansas City; from North Carolina and Tennessee. But they ain’t got the beef! Using genuine Texas longhorn steer to inspire the flavor of this beverage, we sloooooooooow-cook it until it’s so tender, it just slides down your throat. Which is exactly how a drink oughta be! Raise serving temperature to release massive flavor!”

Here are their primary flavors:
Beef Jerky
Beef Stroganof
Cheese Burger
Chicken Teriyaki
Dirty Hot Dog
Fish’n Chips
Hungarian Gulash
Italian Sausage
Peking Duck
Tandoori Chicken
Texas BBQ
Wiener Schnitzel

See the entire article here

Play their Meat Water memory game here

Follow them on twitter here

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