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BBQ Pictures – LeAnn Mueller Photography – Texas BBQ

When embarking on this BBQ adventure I never realized I would make so many friends. The BBQ community is not only a tight knit one, but generous and encouraging. One friend I’ve met is LeAnn Mueller. You may know her brother John Mueller (who is a great Texas BBQ pitmaster) or her father Bobby Mueller (who was a James Beard award winner and ran Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas until his passing two years ago). But LeAnn is well known in her own right (although she would deny it) for her amazing photography.

She runs LeAnn Mueller Photography where she takes some of the most incredible photographs I’ve ever seen and wonderfully a portion of them are of BBQ and iconic BBQ figures.

As she knows how much I love BBQ pics, she allowed me to publish the following pictures. The first batch are ones of the family BBQ joint as well as amazing photos of her father, Bobby (you’ll notice John is in two of the photos too). The later group are ones that she did for Texas Monthly (the well known and well argued over Top 50 BBQ Joints from 2008).

All photos courtesy of LeAnn Mueller Photography

I’m honored to have these on my blog. They are really breathtaking and many of you will know some of the joints featured (as well as the pitmasters shown). I haven’t been lucky enough to get out to Texas for BBQ, but having looked at these, I feel I have a small glimpse into the way it really is. You can see all of her BBQ pictures here. I would love to know which one is your favorite (although I have so assume there may be several favorites amongst this group).

I’m BBQ biased, but you really should look at the rest her photographs. You can see part of her Rock portfolio here and check out all of her pictures here

Contact LeAnn here

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