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Top 8 (+ 4) BBQ Joints to Visit – Superbowl XLV – Dallas, Texas

There have been a few lists of BBQ joints to hit once you’re in town for the Superbowl XLV which is being played in Dallas, Texas, but I thought I would provide a shorter list (just eight) so it’ll be a little easier to manage. Big thanks to Daniel Vaughn from Full Custom Gospel BBQ for helping me pare it down from around twenty BBQ joint options.

Photo of Off the Bone Barbeque courtesy of Susie Twohig Lewis

Here are the BBQ Joints you should hit if you’re traveling to Dallas for the big game (click on each joint for reviews and directions):
Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que
Mac’s Barbecue
Baby Back Shak
Off The Bone Barbeque
Peggy Sue BBQ
Big Al’s Smokehouse BBQ
Mike Anderson BBQ
Sonny Bryans Smokehouse BBQ – Inwood “The Original”

Photo of Mike Anderson BBQ courtesy of

After talking to some folks who live close to where the Superbowl is being held, they reminded me that it’s actually closer to Fort Worth. Here are some additional options (three of which came from Daniel Vaughn’s list – follow the link below)

Fort Worth BBQ Joints
Mom’s BBQ
Smokey’s Barbeque
Railhead Smokehouse

See the Full Custom Gospel BBQ’s list here
See the New York Times take on BBQ Joints to hit here

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The Smokehouse – Eugene, Oregon

Thanks to Darin Moriki at the Oregon Daily Emerald for doing a great piece on The Smokehouse in Eugene, Oregon.

Aaron and Liz Speck opened their BBQ joint in May of 2008. Aaron learned the art of BBQ in Norman, Oklahoma while also earning his degree in Meteorology. He perfected his recipes and techniques while being mentored by a local pitmaster in Norman and testing his pulled pork on tailgaters at OU football games. When they loved his food, he was sure he could convince Oregonians to add it to their list of favorites. Liz was happy to help Aaron bring his delicious BBQ to Eugene, Oregon. Together, Liz and Aaron run Oklahoma Smokehouse BBQ. Aaron is the pitmaster, while Liz specializes in taking care of many details, such as running the joint and creating the website.

From the article by Darin, “Today, Speck’s small sit-down or takeout restaurant on Alder Street features four types of meats, including pork spareribs, beef brisket, pulled pork and smoked chicken breast, complemented by a customer’s choice of four sauces: mild, hot, vinegar and smokehouse. For those seeking alternatives to meat, customers can choose from a variety of options, including grilled cheese sandwiches, bowls of chili, cornbread and baked potatoes. Speck said all of the food is made from scratch including the sauces, dry rubs for the meat, macaroni and cheese and cornbread, which is made with real cornmeal. Entree prices range from $6 for a smoked chicken salad with cornbread to a rack of pork spareribs for $22. Speck said the time dedicated to smoking meats separates a Southern style of barbecue in comparison to all others. Speck said the cooking process first begins when he applies his homemade dry rub to the beef brisket, which is left to soak in for 12 hours before it is cooked for another 20 hours over a wood fire inside his six-foot black steel smoker outside of the restaurant, which he had custom-made in Indiana and drove to Oregon on the back of a trailer when he moved from Oklahoma.”

You can see their menu here

Read the full piece here

You can find it here:

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