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Greater Phoenix Area – New BBQ Joints

OK. First I read a story yesterday about the amazing rise of BBQ joints in Tampa, Florida (over 300 joints) and now I see this story at about the explosion of BBQ joints in the great Phoenix area. It is true that BBQ joints are popping up almost daily across the country.

Photo of Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue courtesy of Brian S. – Yelp

From the piece, “forget typical ribs, spice-rubbed and tossed on a grill. A new group of Scottsdale-area barbecue masters is trotting out some white cloth-caliber fare, in inventive recipes that include ingredients as unexpected as oysters and sweetbreads.” That too is the case with high end BBQ joints popping up in Chicago as well as Detroit. You’ll find an incredible array of offerings that you won’t find at a typical BBQ joint. For some that’s great, but for the die hard BBQ fan, simple is sometimes more preferred.

Here are the three BBQ Joints highlighted:
Big Earl’s BBQ
Hammered BBQ Hall & Saloon
Bryan’s Black Mountain Barbecue

Photo of Hammered Hog BBQ

What’s your favorite Phoenix (or Arizona) BBQ Joint? Have you been to any of the three above?

You can read the entire article here

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