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Tampa, Florida Barbecue Renaissance – St. Petersburg Times

I had been noticing that there were a good number of BBQ Joints in Tampa, Florida when I was doing research for my BBQ Joint Search Engine, but after reading this article here I was shocked to hear their claim that there are over 300 BBQ joints in Tampa alone. That’s a TON of BBQ Joints for a city, however this info was from Urbanspoon which bunches anything with a reference of ‘BBQ’ into the BBQ category.

Photo of Holy Hog Barbecue, one of Tampa’s newest BBQ additions

Regardless, it’s amazing how many new BBQ joints are cropping up in Tampa and around the United States. As far as Tampa, from the article, “Ray Lampe (Dr. Barbecue) said Tampa is a real melting pot of barbecue, with unique barbecue styles representing different parts of the South, the Northeast, and the Midwest – all brought here by migrants.”

Additional photo of Holy Hog Barbecue

Here is a nice audio clip of Lampe and Tom Scherberger of the St. Petersburg Times .

Do you live in Tampa? What do you think of the growing BBQ scene? I would love to know your favorite BBQ joint in Tampa and the surrounding area.

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