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BBQ Video – Smoke City Market – Sherman Oaks, CA

Smoke City Market in Sherman Oaks is really close to getting it right. The first time I visited (see here) I definitely thought that I had finally had my go to joint for a real taste of Texas BBQ (that was until I got a brisket overnighted to me from John Mueller himself (read here). Smoke City Market is close though as they smoke their meats overnight, cut them to order, weigh them out, and serve them on trays on butcher paper just like the BBQ joints in Texas that I long to visit. They even have Shiner Bock.

The last time I went the BBQ was a little mediocre, but I’m giving them a chance to have an off night. If you do go, I recommend sticking to their brisket (moist if you want some good fat), their sausage (I prefer the jalapeno/cheddar), and their beef ribs (they run out of these early each night). This video below shows the beef ribs in all their glory:

Here’s a pic from my first visit:

Check out Smoke City Market here:

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  1. Agree that the beef ribs are good. (I didn’t get a chance to try the moist brisket -they were sold out.) And I like the brown paper atmosphere of the place. But they were rude as f**k to my Dad when he went there, which dings it for me. Also, I thought the baby back ribs were waaaay too oversmoked. Mouth tasted like smoke all night, and I was drinking big gulps of water because of dehydration. A friend of mine whose in-laws live in Austin (so he’s in Texas a lot) says this place has the idea, but doesn’t get it right. I’m dying for another great BBQ around here (Hogly Wogly is good, Boneyard Bistro is overpriced, Brothers BBQ is ok….). But Smoke City, ya let me down a little.

    Comment by brian1970 — March 15, 2011 @ 6:38 pm

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