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BBQ Joint Review – Rubbs Barbeque Bistro – Campbellford, Ontario – Canada

There are some really nice people I’ve meet within the BBQ world and one of the standouts among is Wilfred Reinke (aka The Oshawa Ogre). He’s a BBQ addict from Canada who blogs about everything BBQ under the sun at his site Oshawa Ogre’s View, News & BBQ’s. You should check it out as he not only writes a mean and detailed review, but he puts his heart into each piece. Good stuff for sure.

He was kind enough to be my Canadian correspondent and provide me with his first ‘guest’ review for Rubbs Barbeque Bistro in Campbellford, Ontario Canada. Here it is in his own words:

There are many ways to write BBQ including, Barbeque, Barbecue or Bar-B-Que but here up north of the border maybe we ahould call it Barb-Eh!-Que. Canada is well known for Hockey, Poutine, Back Bacon, Tim Horton’s Donuts and Celine Dion (ok so maybe not everything is a positive). ;)

If there is one area that I would like to see Canada get more visabilty in it would be in the area of BBQ restaurants. During my Southern Expedition to NC, Georgia and Florida in early 2011 I was amazed at how popular BBQ is and the quality of restauarants they have. Canada does not have many true KCBS style Barbecue competitions though there will be one in July known as Blue Mountains Chili RibFest at Cedar Run in Clarksburgh near Barrie, Ontario which is the home of our well known Canadian Pitmaster DivaQ (you may remember her when she starred in the TLC show BBQ Pitmasters in 2010)

RibFests are very, very popular in the Southern Ontario market where up to 100,000 people will enjoy some BBQ Ribs, Chicken & Pulled Pork over a 3 day weekend. Depending on the city hosting the event they will have anywhere from 5-19 Ribbers selling their Q in a festival atmosphere, including beer tents, live entertainment, and some even have a carnival for the kids.

On my BBQ Blog I cover these events and profile some of the teams here. As far as BBQ Restaurants in Canada goes, there just are not as many choices for Canadians as are avaiable in the US.

In the Southern Ontario Market and the GTA (General Toronto Area) I have only found a handful of true BBQ Restaurants. One such place of smoke is Rubbs Barbeque Bistro located at 18 Bridge St. West, Campbellford Corner of Bridge & Queen Street 705-632-0BBQ (705-632-0227) which is approximately one and a half hours North East of Toronto.

Campbellford is a town of just under 4,000 people that swells in the summer time as it is a tourist area that has boaters using the Trent–Severn Waterway of locks that connects Lake Huron to Lake Ontario. It is also very well known for outlets including Worlds Finest Chocolates and Empire Cheese both only 5 minutes each away from the restaurant.

Rubbs Barbecue is run by Chef Mark Andrade and assisted by friendly Kelly Homer that is also in charge of the Bistro’s Social Networking site on facebook.

Photo of Chef Mark and Fred

Rubbs Barbeque Bistro uses a Cook Shack smoker to produce Brisket and Ribs which the locals always eat all that is made. Rubbs has seperate Lunch and Dinner menus, but if your looking for Brisket, Ribs or fresh Pulled Pork you have to wait for the dinner menu.

Rubbs also has a great atmosphere to have a meal with a bar and a TV to watch the game on. not to mention the live entertainment. But the stars of this place is the food! Whether you like the regular items such as the Brisket and Ribs or any of the wonderful specials that Mark comes out with from time to time such as Jambalaya.

One of my favorites would have to be the pulled pork sandwich which overflows on the bun with a great tasting creamy slaw on top with your choice of four fantastic sauces that include Maple, Carolina Sour, Gooseberry or Scotch Bonnet sauce. My personal favorite is the Carolina Sour on the pulled Pork, but the same sauces are available on Rubbs Wings and on Wednesday nights Wings are 50 cents from 5 pm til closing and the wings are huge! I like the Maple and Scotch Bonet sauces on them.

I mentioned earlier that Canada is known for Poutine and Rubbs Barbeque Bistro has one of the best Poutines I have ever tasted (Poutine is French Fried Potatoes with Cheese and gravy) Rubbs uses huge potato wedges along with 3 cheeses and for $3.00 extra you can get it with Brisket or Pulled Pork along with BBQ Sauce.

Lastly, the Buttermilk Fried Chicken is also so good that it makes it tough to decide what to order from the menu.

I will be doing more reviews of Barb-Eh!-Que Restaurants in the Southern Ontario Restaurant For Kevin’s BBQ Joints throughout the next few months.

Thanks so much to Wilfred for that detailed review. If he’s sparked your interest you can head right over here:

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