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What is BBQ Backyard? A Chat with Heath Hall – Pork Barrel BBQ

If you’re into BBQ you’ve probably heard rumblings about BBQ Backyard – The BBQ Social Network, but may not know exactly what it’s all about. I was able to get a quick interview with Heath Hall from Pork Barrel BBQ to discuss their big BBQ jump into social media. Here it is:

What is BBQ Backyard and what makes this different than other social media sites such as facebook?

BBQ Backyard is the World’s First BBQ Social Network. It is a community designed for BBQ’ers of all levels, from backyard beginners to veteran pitmasters. This is the first BBQ site to take advantage of modern amenities that web users are used to from their experience with sites like facebook and Twitter. Similar in to facebook in many ways, but unique because our membership is 100% folks who love BBQ!

What are some features about the site that people might not know when initially signing up?

New members might not know that they are joining a BBQ community formed around members with thousands of years of combined BBQ experience, thousands of BBQ trophies and hundreds of restaurants. We have legendary pitmasters like Pat Burke, Rod Gray, Johnny Trigg and Melissa Cookston. We have BBQ Restaurateur Famous Dave Anderson and cookbook author and TV star Steven Raichlen. There are few places, if any place other than BBQ Backyard, where you can interact with this kind of BBQ All-Star lineup!

When did it officially launch?

The official launch of BBQ Backyard took place on February 10, 2011.

How long has it taken to get this from idea stage to actual launch?

Over the past couple of years of visiting the large number of BBQ forums and message boards on the internet we realized that as great as these platforms are they are missing the amenities people expect in the age of facebook and Twitter. These sites were very one dimensional with limited ability to interact with fellow members. We also found that they could be very intimidating to new folks and most importantly they are geared toward the competitive BBQ’er, leaving the backyard BBQ’er without a comfortable place to connect with fellow BBQ’ers.

After coming to this realization we decided the time had come to create a user friendly site that was open to BBQ’ers of all interest and skill levels that had the amenities of facebook and Twitter. In early 2010 we began the creative and design process for the site. Because of other obligations it took us longer to get the site in order for launch than we had hoped for, but we didn’t want to launch the site until we knew we had it right. We have a number of other functions and features we look forward to adding over time.

Become a member of BBQ Backyard here

How often do you plan on having live chats?

We would like to have live chats on BBQ Backyard at least once a month. We are currently working on schedule of upcoming guests which will include some of today’s best pitmasters, legends of BBQ, meat experts, grill and smoke manufactures, cookbook authors, restaurant owners and others. We’d love to hear from folks on who they’d like to see us have on as guests and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

What is your long term goal with BBQ Backyard?

Our long term goal for BBQ Backyard is to create the definitive online BBQ community that is powered from the contributions of the BBQ community. We hope when people are online and want to find something related to BBQ their first stop will be BBQ Backyard.

The success of the site is based upon the content contained within it – content that is created by the Members. In just over a month we are off to an amazing start with nearly 3,500 photos downloaded, 150 videos downloaded and nearly 1,400 members.

Is advertising available and if not, is that something that is down the road?

There is currently no advertising on BBQ Backyard, but we are in the process of creating ad space on the site. It is our desire to keep all advertising on the site relevant to the barbecue community. If folks are interested in advertising on BBQ Backyard please email with you interest.

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