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BBQ Video – Meyer Elgin’s Smokehouse – Elgin, TX

Meyer Elgin’s Smokehouse in Elgin, Texas has been a featured player in the BBQ joint world since they opened in the late seventies. They are primarily known for their sausage, but from the reviews I’ve recently read, they serve up some really good BBQ as well.

To me, what makes a great BBQ joint video, is one that gives you the look and feel of the joint with a nice dash of local flavor. This one, from WeAreAustin, has all of that.

If this made you hungry enough to want them to ship you some sausage and/or barbecue you can here

Photo of Meyer Elgin’s Sausage courtesy of

Have you been to Meyer Elgin’s before? How did you like it? What’s your favorite sausage?

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