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Lockhart Smokehouse – Dallas, Texas

There’s a new player on the Texas BBQ block that has jumped into the ranks of contenders in quick fashion and surprisingly it’s not in the Texas city you’d expect when you hear it’s name. Lockhart Smokehouse opened this February in Dallas in the Bishop Arts District.

This is a joint venture between Jill Grobowsky Bergus, the step-granddaughter of the legendary Edgar “Smitty” Schmidt, who ran Kreuz Market for over 40 years in Lockhart Texas (as a matter of fact Edgar’s grandson and owner of Kreuz Market, Keith Schmidt, is consulting for Lockhart Smokehouse to insure the quality of their BBQ)…

…and Pit Master Tim McLaughlin who combines his St. Louis upbringing and culinary experience, with his love for Texas BBQ. Lockhart Smokehouse is the only place in the DFW area you can get Kreuz Market Sausage and just like the original joint in the Lockhart, the meat is served on butcher paper. The brisket, sausage, ribs, prime rib other meats are smoked low and slow over Texas post oak.

One non BBQ aspect of their business that they are doing it correctly is taking tons of great photography that highlight their food. It’s good and all to show photos of people hanging out in your BBQ joint, but when it comes down to it, we want to see what the food looks like. Your website and facebook pages should be overflowing with BBQ photos that make us want to crawl through the computer screen into your joint. Here is a group of mouthwatering photos along with additional information about Jill and Tim below:

Special BBQ Plate:

Their brisket:

Shoulder clod:

BBQ and beer, a great marriage:

Kreuz sausage in their smoker:

Sausage, Brisket, Bread, and Crackers – Great Combo

Smoked chicken:

Their incredible beef ribs:

Thick cut pork chops:

Their prime rib isn’t only for holidays:

Brisket tacos:

Deviled Eggs:

Have you been to Lockhart Smokehouse? What are your thoughts? I highly recommend going and please let Jill or Tim know that Kevin’s BBQ Joints sent you. They’ll make you more than welcome.

Here is some additional information on Jill:

Jill Grobowsky Bergus grew up steeped in the legacy of great BBQ. Her grandfather, Edgar “Papa” Schmidt ran the legendary Kreuz Market from the time he purchased it from the Kreuz family in 1948 until he passed it onto his sons in the 1980’s. Jill’s newlywed years in New York introduced her to the joys of cooking, as well as, eating at some of the nation’s finest restaurants. The family lore of BBQ became a frequent topic among ex-Texans in New York. Being a 6th generation Texan, she and her husband, Jeff, plotted ways to get home to Texas. Fast-forward several years, and they are fulfilling one of their wildest dreams. Deciding the DFW Area needed a good Central Texas style BBQ place, kismet and Jack Daniel’s brought them Pitmaster Tim McLaughlin. His amazing culinary skills and expertise have crafted the vision from the start. And with the help of Kreuz Market, Lockhart Smokehouse will bring the amazing smells and flavors that people have loved in Lockhart for over 100 years to the Dallas area.

Some additional information on Tim:

Raised in St. Louis, Chef Timothy McLaughlin knows the importance of bringing new styles of cuisine to his customers. He calls his food “Interactive Cuisine.” In this he tries to get the customer and the server involved with the origin, preparation and destination of his food. All his dishes have a unique purpose and story, which Timothy holds near to his heart. At 32, Chef McLaughlin brings a fresh, passionate perspective to the Downtown Restaurant community. Crediting his love of cooking to his family, Timothy would spend his summers on his grandparents’ farm, growing a strong affinity for fresh and natural ingredients. This continued into his early adulthood where he worked as a cook at local St. Louis Restaurants. In 2000, Tim enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Le Cordon Bleu, Scottsdale, where he graduated at the top of his class and honed his skills in the art of classical French cookery. While in Arizona, Tim worked for Michael DiMaria and studied under other local celebrity chefs. Tim also enjoyed tremendous success as the Chef and Proprietor of Four Starving Students, a catering company that catered in home to Scottsdale’s Elite.

Growing in his culinary prowess, Tim decided to return to St. Louis in late 2001. He accepted a job as the Sous Chef at David Slay’s ZuZu’s Petals, where he was quickly promoted to Executive Chef and then General Manager within a year. It was here that Timothy began to create his own “Interactive Style Cuisine,” with his famed Herb Garden in which herbs were picked directly from the garden, rinsed and placed on the customer’s plate. While working with this company Timothy also had the opportunity to open Smith and Slay’s, a Clayton eatery, and head up the production for David Slay’s Quesadillaria, a company which held a storefront in the TWA Dome and sold frozen Quesadillas in supermarkets in Missouri and California.

Moving on, Timothy accepted a job at the Chase Park Plaza as a Restaurant Chef in 2003. Primarily in control over the Cafe Eau, Timothy worked along side chefs David Gilbert and Stefan Jarausch to uphold three different dining styles under one roof. In 2004 Timothy was recruited to join Red Moon as the Executive Sous Chef. Working alongside Marc Felix, Timothy helped Red Moon grow into a very successful and award winning restaurant. After only eight months he was promoted to Executive Chef and then four months later to General Manager. As this position grew Timothy was exposed to the twenty-six other restaurants under the Red Moon umbrella in Wisconsin, Missouri and Illinois, consulting on menu and product quality for each. Timothy took the position of Chef De Cuisine at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Downtown St. Louis in 2006. He oversaw the production of five different outlets within the hotel. Nightly he could be found at the award winning four diamond Faust’s Restaurant where he created classically prepared and minded dishes with new age designs.

Check it out yourself here:

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  1. Wow, If I ever get to that part of the US I will have to look them up, Looks like a great BBQ Joint. Kevin you have done it again!

    Comment by Wilfred Reinke aka @Oshawa Ogre — April 8, 2011 @ 6:53 pm

  2. We stumbled on this place today. OH MY GOSH, was that place ever good. We love bbq and try it wherever we go, including Lockhart TX. This place was great, probably best in Dallas we have found. Beyond the meats, you gotta try to sides! They were already sold out of the chicken salad and deviled eggs at 3pm on a Saturday, so we settled for the potato salad and beans. The potato salad was without question the best I’ve ever had, and that’s coming from a solid southern girl! They roast the potatoes rather than boiling them to mush, and use a delicious self-styled mayo-lite dressing that has a secret ingredient you would never expect. I got the secret from one of the cooks, and was I ever surprised. Go check it out!

    Comment by Karen — April 17, 2011 @ 2:34 am

  3. I thought Kreuz cooked meats at a high (not low
    And slow) level? Or is that blacks?

    Comment by Judy brown — May 7, 2011 @ 4:39 pm

  4. HAHA, I am currently a Student @ Le Cordon Bleu….and Chef “Billy Bad Ass” Mclaughlin is one of my instructors. He IS awesome, VERY intimidating, but a fun man to be around, till we Piss him off. Not to mention, he is a CUTIE!! I must say he has some Pretty meat….(no pun intended)….

    Comment by stacie grandmaison — July 12, 2011 @ 5:19 pm

  5. I meant pretty meat @ Lockharts….. :)

    Comment by stacie grandmaison — July 12, 2011 @ 5:20 pm

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