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HIllsborough BBQ Company – New BBQ Joint – Hillsborough, NC

There’s a brand new BBQ Joint in Hillsborough, North Carolina aptly named Hillsborough BBQ Company. Since it’s so new and I haven’t had a chance to review it, here is their mission statement direct from their website.

Hillsborough BBQ Company was founded by people passionate about good, honest, solid food. The concept is certainly not a new one, but the techniques that we have decided to use seem to be forgotten in the modern bbq establishments. In a world where profit and efficiency rule, shoveling wood coals and cooking “the old fashioned way” seem to be ancient history. While most new restaurants rely solely on electric smokers that require nothing more than the punch of a button, we feel that putting the time and effort into cooking with wood makes the difference between good and great. We use nothing but locally sourced oak and hickory. Our pitmaster keeps the fire going, shoveling coals under local whole hogs every night while you are sleeping.

Photo courtesy of Kathiey’s World: Restaurant Review

We are also passionate about supporting local businesses, especially farmers, whenever possible. We think you will agree that the food coming from small local farms simply tastes better than factory food. Just like cooking in the pit isnt the easiest or cheapest way to do it, choosing a better product to start with is the difference between good and great. We also are developing our own small sustainable farming operation to help supply our restaurants with the best food possible.

Photo courtesy of Kathiey’s World: Restaurant Review

We are proud to offer a little something for everyone. While whole hog bbq is our specialty, all of our meats, appetizers sides, vegetarian options, soups, and of course pies are made with the best ingredients available from scratch.

Here’s the first review I could find which was rather glowing. Have you been here yet? Let me know what you think of it.

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Check it out yourself here:

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  1. Drove by the day after it opened, and was drawn over by the wonderful aroma. Have eaten there several times since, and everyone I came with loved it! Waiting for that vegan burger…

    Comment by Linda Krehbiel — April 26, 2011 @ 7:29 pm

  2. I was very disappointed in the BBQ! The pork was too finely chopped, giving it food-processed texture. There was no discernible smoke flavor and no “dark meat” (outside portions of the hog). The accompanying vinegar-based sauce was heavy on the vinegar with no real flavor. The western-style sauce was tasty. Adding some more spices and a little sweetness would help the sauce a lot. Both slaws (white & red) were sampled, and were fine as a condiment on the BBQ, but not the best example of Eastern style slaw. The baked beans were pretty good, and the sweet potato salad was very good (and different from the typical BBQ side). Perfect sweet tea! Hushpuppies were great, but the accompanying honey butter was rancid! Overall, the prices were good. I would like to see Hillsborough BBQ succeed; the basic BBQ recipe & vinegar sauce need a flavor upgrade, and attention needs to be paid to freshness (the rancid butter).

    Comment by Mojo — May 2, 2011 @ 5:21 pm

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