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I have a busy BBQ week ahead of myself, but wanted to drop some highlights on what’s in store (there are a few things I can’t mention as they aren’t set in stone yet). Here’s what’s coming up:

1) Review of Pig of the Month BBQ Sauces

2) Interview with a true BBQ Legend

3) Gnary Head Wines / BBQ and Wine pairing – Los Angeles BBQ Joints

4) 5 Great BBQ Joint Pics

5) New Contest Details

6) Review of The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint – BBQ Sauces

And if you didn’t get a chance to read my interview with Danielle Dimovski (Diva Q) on her favorite BBQ joints, you are missing out. Her choices (and insight) are top notch and extremely detailed. You can see it HERE.

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Danielle Dimovski – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 10

The barbecue world is filled with a lot of really great people. More often than not these people wil go out of their way to accommodate you (it’s not out of the realm of possibility for more than one person to offer you up lodging (and most likely an incredible BBQ meal) if you say you’re headed to their neck of the woods for an bbq event or contest). One of those truly special individuals is Danielle Dimovski of Diva Q. She’s the real deal when it comes to barbecue, competing, and cooking just about anything (follow her on twitter and/or facebook and you’ll be amazed with what she comes up with). I’ve never personally met her, but from our interaction and correspondence I feel I can call her a friend and am very proud to do so. I’m also extremely honored that she took the time out of her busy schedule to take part in this week’s ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints‘. I know that you’ll find this entertaining to read as well as a fantastic guide for BBQ joints you’ll want to visit in the near future.

Here are her Favorite BBQ Joints in her words.

“Travelling all around eating BBQ, talking with BBQ folks and competing in BBQ competitions is the life for sure. I have been really blessed to be able to have some excellent BBQ while on the road. This list is in no way complete – there are just so many great places but these are a few highlights.

I sure do love Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester NY. They make consistently great food – chill atmosphere plus a whole lot of good food. They serve it all up with a variety of BBQ sauces – their Creole Mustard being one of my favorites. Also don’t miss their fried green tomatoes.

Photo of Dinosaur BBQ courtesy of Philip Kamrass / Times Union

In Texas it would have to be Louie Mueller BBQ for the best BBQ beef ribs I have ever laid my hands on. Super succulent smoky and so jam packed full of flavour – it just makes you want to know what they are feeding the cattle. It’s hard to top Louie Mueller’s for authentic BBQ atmosphere. It is a BBQ joint from way back. They haven’t changed anything in forever with the 3rd generation of Mueller’s running the place. Served on butcher’s paper slapped on a tray leave your cutlery at the door – you don’t need it here.

Photo of Louie Mueller BBQ courtesy of Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ

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Kay Bros. BBQ – New BBQ Joint – Gainesville, FL

Thanks to Andy Staples from for pointing out a new BBQ joint he visited in Gainsville, Florida called Kay Bros. BBQ. He intimated that they still appeared to be getting their kinks out, but since the BBQ offerings in this area are extremely limited, it’s worth a look at.

As there aren’t any official reviews online, here’s information from their website: “Brothers Darren and Steven Kay opened the inaugural location of Kay Bros. BBQ across from the University of Florida in early 2011. As youngsters, the brothers worked at a neighborhood barbecue restaurant and quickly developed a passion for slow smoked meats and southern style side dishes. After college, the brothers traveled to renowned barbecue destinations such as Memphis, Kansas City, and Austin. They were on a mission to discover what true barbecue should taste like. These visits laid the foundation for transforming a hobby into a way of life. Kay Bros. BBQ represents the culmination of these travels and brings together the many wonderful flavors and regional variations that make barbecue a true piece of Americana.”

Additionally, “At Kay Bros. BBQ we slow smoke our meats using real hickory and oak woods. The way real BBQ should be cooked. Our BBQ sauce bar features eight delicious homemade sauces that we developed and perfected ourselves. The side dishes are much more then an afterthought as they are made from scratch every morning including mac ‘n cheese, sweet corn bread, mashed potatoes, baked beans and more!”

Have you been to Kay Bros. BBQ? What are your thoughts?

If you want to check it out yourself you can here:

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Guess What Arrived in the Mail?

Very excited about the sauces that appeared on my doorstep this morning from Pig of the Month:

Review to follow early next week.

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Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ – Opening Weekend

It’s opening weekend for Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ (based in Johnstown, Colorado, but operate primarily in Ft Collins and Loveland, Colorado). You can find them Saturday and Sunday from noon until the food’s gone at the Bar Double S which is a cool little Bluegrass joint in beautiful LaPorte, Colorado at the mouth of the Poudre Canyon.

Pulled Pork, Brisket, and Ribs are their mainstays, but they like to mix it up a little occasionally and throw in some Brisket Chili, Freeloader Burritos, MOINKS, and more.

Here’s some addtional info: Rubbin’ Buttz BBQ is a small family operation consisting of Scott, the Pitmaster, Amanda “the Boss”, and their 4 sons. They offer catering, mobile roadside BBQ, and also compete in KCBS. Currently they are gearing up for the Sams Club Regional in Loveland, CO on April 29th and 30th.

Follow them on twitter here
Check them out on facebook here

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HIllsborough BBQ Company – New BBQ Joint – Hillsborough, NC

There’s a brand new BBQ Joint in Hillsborough, North Carolina aptly named Hillsborough BBQ Company. Since it’s so new and I haven’t had a chance to review it, here is their mission statement direct from their website.

Hillsborough BBQ Company was founded by people passionate about good, honest, solid food. The concept is certainly not a new one, but the techniques that we have decided to use seem to be forgotten in the modern bbq establishments. In a world where profit and efficiency rule, shoveling wood coals and cooking “the old fashioned way” seem to be ancient history. While most new restaurants rely solely on electric smokers that require nothing more than the punch of a button, we feel that putting the time and effort into cooking with wood makes the difference between good and great. We use nothing but locally sourced oak and hickory. Our pitmaster keeps the fire going, shoveling coals under local whole hogs every night while you are sleeping.

Photo courtesy of Kathiey’s World: Restaurant Review

We are also passionate about supporting local businesses, especially farmers, whenever possible. We think you will agree that the food coming from small local farms simply tastes better than factory food. Just like cooking in the pit isnt the easiest or cheapest way to do it, choosing a better product to start with is the difference between good and great. We also are developing our own small sustainable farming operation to help supply our restaurants with the best food possible.

Photo courtesy of Kathiey’s World: Restaurant Review

We are proud to offer a little something for everyone. While whole hog bbq is our specialty, all of our meats, appetizers sides, vegetarian options, soups, and of course pies are made with the best ingredients available from scratch.

Here’s the first review I could find which was rather glowing. Have you been here yet? Let me know what you think of it.

See them on facebook here

Check it out yourself here:

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BBQ Video – 17th Street Bar and Grill – Murphysboro, IL

I found this great video of Kevin Pang’s (The Chicago Tribune) behind the scenes visit to one of the mecca’s of BBQ, 17th Street Bar and Grill in Murphysboro, Illinois where he gets a short personal tour (which of course means eating some baby back ribs) by “The Legend” Mike Mills himself. Man do I want to visit here soon. Please enjoy:

Photo of Mike Mills – 17th Street Bar & Grill

If you have the time, check out the (12) other videos on Kevin and Keith’s BBQ Road Trip. Also, would love to know if you’ve been to 17th Street Bar & Grill and what your thoughts were.

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Gnarly Head Rippin’ Ribs Tour 2011

When most people think of what they want to wash their BBQ down with you’ll hear beer or tea (sweet tea for the south) or possibly Cheerwine, but wine, that’s not the cliche go to beverage. If Gnarly Head Wines has it’s way you’ll soon learn that pairing your brisket with a nice Cabernet or your pulled pork with a crisp Chardonnay is really a match made in consumption heaven.

To promote their great selection of wines and their fondness for the BBQ community they created the Gnarly Head Rippin’ Ribs Tour (this is the 3rd year of the tour). Here are the details:

Gnarly Head is on a cross-country mission to find out. ‘Cue Masters from Seattle to Memphis are challenged to perfect their best pork rib recipe and showcase their smoking skills in the annual Gnarly Head Rippin’ Ribs Recipe Contest. Contestants can choose to compete in the regional BBQ cook-off of their choice (see schedule below), for a chance to win the ultimate grand prize of $5,000 in cash and a spot on the Gnarly BBQ Team at the Memphis in May World Championship of Barbecue in 2012.


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5 Great BBQ Joint Pics

It’s mid week so I figure it’s a good time to see some great BBQ Joint pics so you can potentially plan ahead to visit one of these places over the rest of the week or over the weekend. Here they are:

Photo of Lockhart Smokehouse – Dallas, TX

Photo of Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint – Nolensville, TN courtesy of BBQ Quest

Photo of Smitty’s Market – Lockhart, TX courtesy of Man Up: Tales of Texas BBQ

Photo of Bigmista’s Barbecue – Los Angeles, CA

Photo of Virgil’s Real Barbecue – New York, NY courtesy of

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BBQ for Passover? – Real Urban Barbecue – Highland Park, IL

Courtesy of, “This Passover, let Real Urban Barbecue, located at 610 Central Avenue #177 in downtown Highland Park, provide the food for your Seder dinner, Monday, April 18. Available for groups of 12 guests, R.U.B. will put together a feast for your friends and family, including 1 appetizer, 1 meat, and 2 sides, for $165.

Choose your menu from the following tasty selections:

Appetizers: Sweet & Sour Meatballs, Potato Pancakes, House Salad, Matzo Balls, Chicken Soup
Meats: Smoked Brisket, Smoked Turkey, Rubbed Chicken, BBQ Salmon
Sides: Honey Glazed Carrots, Balsamic Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Corn & Peppers, Roasted New Potatoes, Sweet Potato Souffle, Flame Roasted Fuji Apples, Fruit Trays”

See the rest of the story here here

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