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Gnarly Head Wine – Rippin’ Ribs Tour – 2nd Stop Results

Gnarly Head Wine’s Rippin’ Ribs Tour headed to it’s second stop this past weekend at the Food Lion Speedstreet in Charlotte NC.

Here are the contestants along with their competing rib recipe: Janice Elder – Maple Miso Pork Ribs, Scott Adams – Gnarly Peach BBQ Ribs, Bernard Murphy – Sauceror’s Ring of Ribs, and Derick Thurman – Far East Peanut Butter & Honey Hot Ribs

This weekends winner was Derick Thurman and his spicy “Far East Peanut Butter & Honey Hot Ribs”. Second place went to Scott Adams and his “Gnarly Peach BBQ Ribs” and third went to Bernard Murphy and the “Sauceror’s Ring of Ribs” which as a very interesting presentation.

If you’re interested in trying one of these recipes out yourself, they will be posted on

Here are photos from the event:


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Rich Wachtel – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 13

For this Memorial Day it only seemed fitting to do a special Washington DC addition of my weekly feature ‘My Favorite BBQ Joints‘ list with Rich Wachtel who has an great BBQ blog called Grilling with Rich (which includes Grilling and Barbecue Adventures, BBQ News, Recipes, and Celebrity BBQ Chef interviews). If you haven’t checked it out (or better yet bookmarked it) I do recommend heading over there today (after reading this of course). Here is his list of Washington DC BBQ Joint favorites in descending order his words:

My name is Richard and I am the author of the barbecue and grilling website: I want to thank Kevin for posting my top 5 Barbecue joints in the Washington D.C. Area. Recently, there has been an explosion of barbecue joints opening here in the heart of our nation’s capital. And being that I live right here, I get a chance to sample and try all them out. I hope that you enjoy some of my suggestions on your next trip to our nations capitol.

5) BBQ Bus
With the recent explosion of food trucks both here in Washington D.C. and also across the country, I have been waiting for some great barbecue food to be served up on the go, and boy did I find it with this food truck. They get the flavor profiles of traditional barbecue like pulled pork, while infusing some new flavors such as Hawaiian pulled pork.

Photo of BBQ Bus

4) Uncle Fred Smoke Shack
This local hidden gem is one of my favorite spots to bring newcomers to Washington D.C. Uncle Fred serves up some traditional barbecue “smokiness” while serving up a barbecue original: A Barbecue Sundae which has some baked beans, some slaw, topped off with your choice of pork, brisket or chicken it is a must have!


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Best in Smoke – Amy Mills Tunnicliffe Interview

The finale for Best in Smoke on the Food Network ends this Sunday, so I wanted to sit down with one of the judges, Amy Mills Tunnicliffe for a little behind the scenes information. See her responses below and be sure to check out the finale to see who wins the $ 50,000 prize!

(clockwise from top):Bryan Caswell, Mitchell Davis, Amy Mills Tunnicliffe, and Tim Love

Could you give me a little insight into what it was like judging this show?
Judging Best in Smoke was a tremendous experience. The set was spectacular … with the Statue of LIberty looming over us and the dramatic New York City skyline as the backdrop. We were on set from 5:00 am to midnight or later every day. The judges and hosts were filming stand-ups while the contestants were slaving over the hot pits. Not at all glamorous! I couldn’t even count the number of crew … the production company was top-notch and incredibly professional and organized.

Had you ever judged a TV show before?
I’ve judged the best of the best of barbecue contests, from Memphis in May {I was a finals judge this year–thrilling!} to the Jack Daniel’s World Invitational Barbecue Cooking Contest. It’s one thing to write down your opinion on an anonymous scorecard and a whole different thing entirely to critique someone’s food face-to-face, knowing it’ll be broadcast on television and your words will be captured for posterity. We took the judging process very seriously and we each talked extensively about the food as we tasted each entry. Due to the time allotted for the show, most of that is cut in the editing process and each judge is left with maybe a sentence each. I wish the viewers could’ve seen more of the judging process.

We also walked through each person’s kitchen at various points during the cook. We were able to ask questions and observe what they were doing. It was interesting to see how that translated to the end product. Sometimes clever ideas, such as Brad and Brooke using the sugar from the donuts to coat strawberries, didn’t execute so well. Sometimes things we thought would never work ended up tasting really good.

Viewers who are part of our barbecue community should remember that this was never billed as a strict barbecue contest with the rules and procedures to which we’re accustomed. It’s a cooking show!

WI had an interview with Bryan (the host) and he seemed to lend that this was more tried and true BBQ than other bbq based tv shows, is that the case from your perspective?
The definition of “barbecue” is fairly broad here. Time is tight for many of the challenges and there is a a lot of grilling with some traditional barbecue, too. We judges decided that the words “meat and fire” pretty much summed it up.

The contestants knew the format and they were asked to submit a number of recipes for consideration. They were prepared for the challenges and the types of food they might be cooking.

The show is designed to appeal to a wide viewing audience who have made shows like Chopped and Top Chef Masters popular. Even though it’s not strict competition barbecue as defined by some of our more fanatical barbecue friends, I hope the barbecue community will embrace it in the spirit in which it is portrayed and support our friends who are competed tirelessly on the show. The contestants were top-notch and totally represented. The barbecue community should be exceedingly proud of them.

What should I know about BIS that people might not glean from the 30 second promo?
The level of skill and expertise possessed by the contestants was unsurpassed. The difficulty of the challenges, limited ingredients, extreme weather and short cook times will make for exciting television.

Lastly, they said there were challenges that involved racing around Manhattan. Did they go to any bbq joints or bbq carts?
I cannot divulge that information … you’ll need to watch and see what happens! The finale is fast-paced. Really, you could have had an episode about each particular challenge … so many things happen that don’t make the screen.

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Smoking Joe’s – Jakarta, Indonesia – New BBQ Joint

It’s always exciting when I hear about a BBQ Joint (a real deal low and slow BBQ Joint) opening up outside of the United States (and Canada), but I couldn’t believe it at first when I heard that the St. Louis based Smoking Joe’s was opening up a second BBQ Joint in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Here’s the scoop: “Experience the Love of authentic Memphis-style smoked barbeque, only at Smoking Joe’s BBQ & Lounge. The popular American franchise from St. Louis, Missouri is located in the bustling heart of Jakarta and is the first of its kind in Asia Pacific. We pride ourselves on our slow-smoked barbeque so much, we shipped a one-ton smoker directly from St. Louis. We take traditional American barbeque and step it up a notch by smoking all our meat using wood from the Jack Fruit tree. Smoking Joe’s original chef and founder Joe Rozelle’s savory secret rub of herbs and spices guarantee an experience you’re going to love and not soon forget.

There are many versions of classic American barbeque, but Memphis-style dry-rub is savory, moist and tender. All our meat is delicatley rubbed with a secret blend of spices to enhance flavor and tenderness, then slow-smoked for several hours—a process that locks in the flavor. If spicy sauce is your game, then you will love Smoking Joe’s home made, wiskey-infused barbeque sauces! Generous portions of side dishes like the ‘Holy’ sweet potato fries, homemade cornbread and our signature potato chips add to the southern charm of Smoking Joe’s BBQ & Lounge.


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Gnarly Head Wine – Rippin’ Ribs Tour – 2nd Stop

Gnarly Head Wine’s Rippin’ Ribs Tour heads to it’s second stop this weekend at the Food Lion Speedstreet in Charlotte NC.

If you want to see their rib competition and samples some incredible wine head over to their location on the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd & College St next to the Home Depot tent. I’ll be post pics from the event over the weekend as I get them.

Here’s a map:

View Larger Map

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Pitmaster Ed Mitchell leaves The Pit – Raleigh, NC

Wow. This comes as a surprise. The NewsObserver is reporting that “Well-known Eastern North Carolina barbecue pitmaster Ed Mitchell is leaving The Pit, a successful restaurant he helped start in downtown Raleigh, and plans to open a new restaurant in the Triangle. Also Wednesday, Mitchell’s former business partner, Greg Hatem, announced that he will open a second location of The Pit in downtown Durham. “I thought it was time to move on,” Mitchell said in a phone interview Wednesday. “There were some other things I wanted to do to take my vision to the next level. I’m very happy that Greg and I did something great.” Hatem said that The Pit in Raleigh will keep the same recipes and dishes after Mitchell’s departure, and there are plans to expand into catering. Although Hatem wouldn’t disclose the location of the second Pit restaurant in Durham, he expects it will open by early 2012″


So Ed Mitchell is leaving to open up a new BBQ joint and there’s going to be a second Pit in Durham opening up next year. What are your thoughts?

Read the rest of the article here HERE

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Vote Now – Reader’s Choice Poll – Favorite BBQ Joint

What is your favorite BBQ joint? I know that’s like asking you to vote for your favorite child, so if you can’t choose just one, give me 5 or 10. Put them in order of just through them out. Every week I’ll be tallying the list up (from comments below, reader flame ratings, and emails I receive) for a new top ten list. Make your voice heard!

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Winners! Williamson Bros. BBQ Giveaway

We have our winners for the Williamson Bros. BBQ Giveaway. There were (4) different BBQ prizes (straight from Georgia) and for (4) lucky winners. Scroll down for the winners and their prizes:


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Dave Anderson – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 12

Dave Anderson is a powerhouse in the BBQ restaurant industry. “Dave’s road to fame began with a strong hankerin’ for fine barbeque and a stronger desire to make the finest slow-smoked barbeque folks had ever tasted. He visited rib shacks, roadside joints, every hole-in-the-wall or fancy pants supper club he could, all in search of the most BBQ succulent meats, savory seasonings and lipsmackin’ sauces around. As of April 3, 2011, there were 182 Famous Dave’s restaurants operating in 37 states, including 52 company-owned restaurants and 130 franchise-operated restaurants. An additional 71 franchise restaurants were in various stages of development as of April 3, 2011.” The company is even publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol ‘DAVE’. You can see how they are doing HERE

Dave can currently be seen weekly on Food Network’s Best in Smoke. I was lucky enough to get his list of Favorite BBQ Joints (that aren’t Famous Dave’s). Here they are in his words:

Ted Cook’s 19th Hole – Minneapolis, MN

A long time store front BBQ joint with an old Chicago type aquarium smoker and I always get the Rib Tips you can just smell the smokey aroma from the real smokey coals, Hojos (sliced fried potatoes), extra hot sauce and peach cobbler

Photo courtesy of missginsu – flickr

Lem’s BBQ House- Chicago, IL
Another storefront BBQ joint with an aquarium smoker and I get the Rib Tips mounded over french fries and everything is smothered in their bbq sauce. My dad started me on these rib tips back in the 60s.

Photo of Lem’s ‘Small End’ Spare Ribs courtesy of

LC’s Bar-B-Q – Kansas City, MO
I go to the original LC’s where they seem to have their old pit seasoned just right! I get their ribs and a pile of steak fries and then I’m in hog heaven!

Photo of LC’s Bar-B-Q courtesy of 3rd Degree Berns Barbecue Sabbatical

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New BBQ Joint – Sparky’s Roadside BBQ – Miami, FL

Thanks to Lee Klein at the Miami New Times for letting me know that Sparky’s Roadside Barbecue in Miami, Florida is finally open. The brainchild of Kevin Kehoe and Hans Seitz, this 48 seat joint is serving brisket, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, and catfish.

From the piece by Lee, “They messed with rubs, woods, and different temperatures and then obtained a Friedrich convection smoker — “a machine the size of a Hummer in the middle of [their] kitchen.” Looks like they’re doing the real deal here. Sparky’s motto is: “Slow down, take your time. You’re probably only going back to work.” There hasn’t been a more true statement.

Photo courtesy of Bill Wisser Photo

Have you been to Sparky’s yet? What are your thoughts? Read the entire article HERE.

Check out Sparky’s Roadside BBQ yourself here:

View Larger Map

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