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Dave Anderson – My Favorite BBQ Joints – Volume 12

Dave Anderson is a powerhouse in the BBQ restaurant industry. “Dave’s road to fame began with a strong hankerin’ for fine barbeque and a stronger desire to make the finest slow-smoked barbeque folks had ever tasted. He visited rib shacks, roadside joints, every hole-in-the-wall or fancy pants supper club he could, all in search of the most BBQ succulent meats, savory seasonings and lipsmackin’ sauces around. As of April 3, 2011, there were 182 Famous Dave’s restaurants operating in 37 states, including 52 company-owned restaurants and 130 franchise-operated restaurants. An additional 71 franchise restaurants were in various stages of development as of April 3, 2011.” The company is even publicly traded on NASDAQ under the symbol ‘DAVE’. You can see how they are doing HERE

Dave can currently be seen weekly on Food Network’s Best in Smoke. I was lucky enough to get his list of Favorite BBQ Joints (that aren’t Famous Dave’s). Here they are in his words:

Ted Cook’s 19th Hole – Minneapolis, MN

A long time store front BBQ joint with an old Chicago type aquarium smoker and I always get the Rib Tips you can just smell the smokey aroma from the real smokey coals, Hojos (sliced fried potatoes), extra hot sauce and peach cobbler

Photo courtesy of missginsu – flickr

Lem’s BBQ House- Chicago, IL
Another storefront BBQ joint with an aquarium smoker and I get the Rib Tips mounded over french fries and everything is smothered in their bbq sauce. My dad started me on these rib tips back in the 60s.

Photo of Lem’s ‘Small End’ Spare Ribs courtesy of

LC’s Bar-B-Q – Kansas City, MO
I go to the original LC’s where they seem to have their old pit seasoned just right! I get their ribs and a pile of steak fries and then I’m in hog heaven!

Photo of LC’s Bar-B-Q courtesy of 3rd Degree Berns Barbecue Sabbatical

Payne’s Bar-B-Que – Memphis, TN
For their smokey hot link smothered in a spicy yellow mustard slaw. Paynes is an old time bbq joint that is run by the mom & son and still doing things right!

Photo of Payne’s courtesy of Serious Eats

Georgia Pig – Davie, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale)
This is another old time bbq joint that’s been around for over 50 years and they slow smoke pork butts all day and while the pit is outside it opens up right on the serving counter where the owners reach in and pull out a piece of charred pork… chop it up and then put a huge mound on a cheap grocery store hamburger bun and then they put the meat right back into the smoke. Next they microwave the sandwich because that’s how slow they smoke their pork butts… these pork butts sit in this smokiness all day and just get charred black… after hacking up the pork…they smother it in a tasty mustard bbq sauce. I am addicted to these and wished I lived next door!

Photo of Georgia Pig courtesy of A Mingling of Tastes

Phil’s BBQ – San Diego, CA
Now I know this choice might be controversial as Phil doesn’t actually smoke his ribs…he bakes them and then mops on a doctored up Open Pit based sauce which he chars. There is something about burnt sugar on pork that is addicting to me… so I like his ribs even though they have never been in a smoker… kind of reminds me of how my mom used to make ribs when my dad wasn’t around to take the time to slow smoke over smoldering coals.! But I guess a lot of other people love what he does to as there is always about 50 people in line starting from the time he opens up until he closes! Phil’s is probably one of the single most busiest bbq joints in all of the USA!

Photo of Phil’s BBQ courtesy of tripadvisor

Joe’s Barbeque – Nashville, TN
Make sure it’s the one on Clarksville Pike Hwy. This is another old time bbq joint and the sauce is spicy, hot, and vinegary…not sweet. These folks get a real smokey flavor on their ribs and then when they mop on the sauce it is the real deal barbeque! They don’t bottle their home made sauce so whenever I am in Nashville I always stop and pick up a quart container and buy extra sauce from these folks.

Photo of Joe’s Barbeque courtesy of Ulika Food Blog

What do you think of his list? Any of your favorites on it?

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  1. I’ll have to try Joes out the next week or two when I’m in Nashville. I just tried Martin’s this month.

    Comment by Chris — May 27, 2011 @ 10:58 pm

  2. I have seen him on foodnetwork, and just recently on a morning show.

    Not a mention of real BBQ like Louie Muller,s, Snow’s, Southside, Black’s', Cooper’s and the rest of the endless list of what truly made BBQ famous in the reall BBQ world (real pit,s not commercial smokers)

    Traveled looking for the best?? Fried chicken at a BBQ?? Corn on the cob?? and sauce so hot it will burn your lips?? Any one can make somthing so hot it becomes in-edible, but hey if you are going to have wings at a BBQ joint,

    It alway,s get my attention when they play a country song and evryone gets up and dances, The same when you take somthing new/different/unique up north or back east or out to california like smoked meat with sauce, everyone wants to get up and dance and go HEE HAWW.

    Also notice the location,s are where it is neat to go out and eat BBQ, I


    Comment by Kerry Hamman — August 17, 2011 @ 8:11 am

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