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Home Plate BBQ – Beijing, China

Who says BBQ isn’t sweeping the world? Okay, no one actually said that, but most people think BBQ is an ‘America Only’ thing, however things are changing rapidly as BBQ becomes more and more popular. There are a good number of top notch BBQ Joints in Canada and recently I’ve written about BBQ Joints in Ireland, Indonesia, and Japan, but now I’ve stumbled upon a BBQ Joint in Beijing, China.

It’s called Home Plate BBQ and recently opened in Xiaoyun Lu courtyard serving brisket, pulled pork, beans, slaw, etc. to expats and locals craving low and slow smoked BBQ.

Here’s a little more info from Beijing Boyce. “The team behind Home Plate, which built a following with a delivery service focused on brisket, ribs, wings and the like, opened its restaurant today a block behind the new Kro’s Nest on Xiaoyun Road. Home Plate has seating for about forty, a custom-made smoker stoked with apple wood, a cute and cuddly cow logo that might inspire people to order the veggies, and modest prices given the size of several dishes I sampled on Sunday. They included a double burger, with 300 grams of tender meat just a touch pink in the middle, priced at RMB35, and one of the house specialities, cheese fries topped with brisket, priced at RMB45. Expect pulled pork sandwiches at RMB30 and cheese fries at RMB20 along with Texas ranch beans, potato salad and smoked corn on the cob.”

“Seth Grossman says Home Plate aims to capture the spirit of the southern BBQ belt. “It is all about slow cooking,” he says. “In the Carolinas people usually do pulled pork, in Texas it is brisket and beef, and in Memphis you see more of a rub on the ribs.” Chef Adama Murray, who also manned the kitchen during the delivery service days, had the smoker built to his specs and is doing everything from the cornbread to the barbecue sauce in house.”

Have you been here yet? What are your thoughts?

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Find Home Plate here:

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  1. Homeplate is the Sh!t

    Great BBQ, Really nice employees, and outdoor seating in the summer.

    Comment by Matt — March 7, 2012 @ 3:42 am

  2. Seguin Texas pit boss is over in Beijing doing work

    Comment by rl reeves jr — August 10, 2012 @ 6:19 pm

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